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Are you a ground-breaking workspace?

Then you should apply for London’s first ever awards to recognise workspaces.

The Hubble Office of the Future Awards (or HOFFAs if you like) are the first and only awards that recognise the most innovative and dynamic workspaces in London.

These awards are the leading celebration of the future of work – and where it happens. We don’t accept sponsors for our awards, so the judging remains independent and impartial (as it should be!)


10 years ago the world was predicting the death of the office. Why do we even need offices with the technology we have now?

Since then, the entire sector has been turned upside down, and London has been the driving force in completely reimagining what an office looks like, how people use it and why it even exists. Now our workspaces are more important than ever.

We believe the innovators in our sector have not got the recognition they deserve. We want to shine a light on those who are transforming the industry and the unsung heroes that are helping people love where they work.

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There are 12 categories you can enter:

Hubble’s Office of the Future

This award recognises the most impressive and visionary workspace of the year. This office will be the clear leader in promoting community, collaboration and sustainability, whilst also being a place people truly love to work in. It will also be commercially successful. It can be a single company’s own office, a shared space by a collective of companies, a dedicated coworking space provider or a serviced office.

Innovative Business Model

Has your workspace developed a smart and innovative solution in leasing or licensing? This can apply to any aspect of the structure from legals to financials to design.

How much does your community value your space? How do you go above and beyond to give your community a helping hand? This may be via benefits, events, support services or something else unique.

Design of the Future

Does your design represent the future of office space? It may foster collaboration and community in a unique way, be optimised for productivity…or it might just look pretty damn awesome.

Does your workspace promote the wellness of its occupants by mind, body or soul? It may be by the facilities provided, innovative partnerships, unique events programme or something else.

Do your occupants get the best bang for their buck? What services, facilities and benefits are included in your pricing relative to competitors?

Has your workspace utilised ground-breaking technology in a smart way, or perhaps pioneered an interesting new technology for the betterment of your community? Are you using AI, IoT, Blockchain, or software/hardware in a distinctive way?

How does your space encourage an attitude of looking after tomorrow’s world? It might be by design features, office policies, particular events or something else.

What does your space do to be family-friendly? Workspaces are becoming more flexible around individual lifestyles. Some offices are very welcoming to pets, while others have dedicated childcare facilities. Others allow for flexible working hours.

Many workspaces are being built in some of London’s most unique, long-standing or stylish buildings. If you feel your workspace can truly be defined as iconic, then this category is for you.

Does your workspace feel like a 5* hotel? Tell us all about your facilities, staff, gyms, yoga rooms, sleep rooms, staff training, cafes, restaurants, bars.

Does your workspace have any distinctive diversity statistics worth highlighting? Type of company or industry, gender, age, background are all relevant – we want to know! Does your workspace have any special initiatives to promote diversity?

How popular are you? Are you the Obama of workspaces? Every finalist will also be automatically entered into this award. The people will decide, so it is up to you get them voting!

Nominations close on 21st December 2018 with finalists announced in January ahead of our awards night.

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