How to Make Your Business Future Proof with Hubble’s Flexible Workspace Solutions

Will Langston
Will Langston|

At least 18 million square feet of UK office space could be redundant by 2025 as 45% of the country’s businesses made plans to downsize in light of the COVID pandemic.

The reasons for downsizing varied, as some businesses noticed their employees’ clear preference for working from home, whilst others merely opted for cheaper, smaller premises.

And although the world has now largely learnt to live with COVID, there’s another problem on the horizon, and that’s a recession. 

Investment firm, Goldman Sachs, thinks UK inflation could hit 22% by early next year (a 50-year high), and the economic outlook looks increasingly uncertain.


With this in mind, it’s not the time to be signing a long-term office lease. In fact, it’s safe to assume that the preference for flexibility should only strengthen as it remains unclear how people are going to be working in the coming years.

This is where Hubble comes in.


Benefit from more flexible leases with Hubble HQ

Long-term office leases are worth avoiding nowadays as they offer very little flexibility when things go wrong. Just think about how many businesses ended up stuck with enormous, expensive and empty offices when COVID hit!

That’s why we at Hubble have built the UK’s largest online marketplace for renting flexible office space, with over 5,000 offices live on our platform (and counting!).

Fora, Borough

That’s right, and when we say flexible, we mean flexible. With Hubble, you can rent a serviced office for as little as one month.

This is an enormous benefit as it’s tough to predict the rate at which your company will grow, how your employees will prefer to work, and where you may want to be. It also enables you to operate in a more flexible and reactive manner, should the economic outlook continue to worsen or, dare we say it, COVID Mark II were to hit.

But our service doesn’t stop here. Our platform and team of expert Workspace Advisors are here to help find your new HQ on a flexible contract that works for you. All you need to do is tell us what you need and create your shortlist. We can then manage everything from search to negotiation.

Work from anywhere, anytime with the Hubble Pass

We understand that a full-time HQ might not meet your every need, and that’s where the Hubble Pass comes in.

When you move office with Hubble, you get free access to a global network of on-demand coworking space, private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour and event space. This is great when:

  1. Your teams are looking to meet up or do individual work ✏️
  2. You’re a remote-first company 🌎
  3. You have employees who are unable to come to the HQ 🏡
  4. Your employees need a break from home working 🥱
  5. You have teams that are often on the move 🚇

Hundreds of leading brands such as Holland & Barrett and TaskRabbit have already used the Hubble Pass already to book private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour and coworking spaces, and more are continuing to jump on board.

Make your business future proof with Hubble

If your lease is ending and you’re looking for something more flexible, secure and future proof, why not take a look at some of the spectacular spaces on Hubble?

Hubble is here to give you the flexibility you’ll want and need to get through the unpredictability the future holds, without having to sacrifice having your own office altogether.

Find the right balance of office and remote working for your team

Access lightning-fast flexible office search, a global network of on-demand workspace, and curated remote work perks - all in one place.

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