Here Are the Average Prices for Hot and Fixed Desks in London

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At Hubble, we talk a lot about using data to transform the way commercial property is transacted, managed and financed.

To keep to our vision of disrupting the commercial property industry beyond recognition, we keep our fingers on the pulse of technology and its relation with the Future of Work. The Future of Work consists of a lot of freelancing and remote work—Fast Company claims that half of London’s workforce could be working remotely by 2020.

This paradigm shift in how we work prompts the rise of coworking culture, providing freelancers and remote workers with a space to focus and interact with like-minded professionals. After all, office costs in London are among the highest in the world, whereas coworking pricing can often be more reasonable than renting a large office for a team that can perform the majority of their duties through telecommuting.

Such spaces allow you to choose between hot desking, where you have access to the space and can sit, plug, and play anywhere you’d like, and having a fixed desk, which provides you with your personal space, often complete with a locker for your valuables.

To help you choose a happy medium between location and pricing, we’ve used all of the data we collected in 2017 to provide the definitive list of average hot and fixed desk prices in London.

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Here’s the definitive list of all average hot and fixed desk prices in London’s most popular neighbourhoods.

Which areas of London have the cheapest and most expensive desks?

Cheapest average hot desks: Warren Street – £150

Looking for a cheap hot desk in a great area? Warren Street just might be your answer. Our data shows that the average desk cost here is the least expensive in all of London. A quick two stops on the Victoria Line will get you from your desk to King’s Cross St. Pancras…and to wherever the train takes you from there.

Cheapest average fixed desks: Bethnal Green – £220

Bethnal Green hasn’t lost its spirited East End flavour. While sightseers file in on weekends to catch the Columbia Road Flower Market and a drink at the Working Men’s Club, creatives and entrepreneurs crowd the E2 postcode’s sidewalks (and unique office spaces) during the week. It also offers the cheapest average fixed desks in London. It’s a win-win situation.

Most expensive average hot desks: Piccadilly Circus – £385

Being in the centre of the action has its upsides…and downs. Working in Piccadilly Circus puts you smack dab in the middle of all London has to offer…at a cost, with the most expensive average hot desks in the city. But then again, imagine what you could get up to during lunch and coffee breaks, and whom you might bump shoulders with.

Most expensive average fixed desks: Green Park – £500

It’s no surprise that the average desk prices around Green Park are the most expensive in London…but we understand. What could be cooler than having an office minutes from Buckingham Palace and The Ritz? The SW1 postcode is one of London’s most luxurious areas, as reflected in the array of lavish offices and coworking spaces situated around the eponymous park.


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