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It’s common knowledge that workspaces have, in recent decades, moved away from cubicle layouts to become open environments designed for collaboration. Spearheaded by the tech industry, collaborative office spaces have become popular across various sectors and business sizes.

But what constitutes a collaborative office space? Technically, any space can be collaborative so long as such a work culture is promoted, but architects and office outfitters have found that offices with breakout spaces, meeting rooms, open meeting and lunch areas – space that allows privacy of meeting or random encounters – are most effective at promoting collaboration.

And so we’ve curated a list of the best collaborative office spaces in London for you to build your business.


1. RocketSpace

Location: Angel


Let’s start this list off with the space we ourselves work in: RocketSpace. Hailing from the epicentre of tech, San Francisco, RocketSpace London is a collaborative office space designed for tech startups looking to scale. RocketSpace boasts an impressive client portfolio of 19 unicorns and an environment designed specifically for collaboration and productivity. Amenities at RocketSpace include breakout space, social areas, phone booths, meeting rooms, a theatre, pool table, and free beer and wine on Thursdays.

Fix desks start at £475/mo and private offices from £4,500/mo.

2. Huckletree West

Location: White City

hubble huckletree west

Huckletree West is West London’s first coworking space for lifestyle tech startups and digital influencers, particularly, media, design, tech, fashion, and creative-focused businesses. The workspace is based in the former BBC MediaWorks building and provides collaborative office amenities such as meeting rooms, breakout space, event space, as well as an in-house VR studio.

Hot desks from £175/mo, fixed desks from £420/mo, and private offices from £3,300/mo.

3. Rise London

Location: Shoreditch

rise london hubble.jpg

Rise London is a FinTech network created exclusively for FinTech businesses. The workspace is based on the heart of Shoreditch and offers intensive accelerator programmes, such as the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars, and a global FinTech support network. Additional amenities include breakout space, meeting rooms, and event space.

Private offices start from £11,050/mo.

4. Techspace – Aldgate East

Location: Aldgate East

techspace aldgate east.jpg

Located right between city centre and the tech district of London just minutes’ walk from Spitalfields market, Techspace – Aldgate East provides an inspiring community and collaborative office space for high-growth businesses to work. Amenities include a ping pong room (not just table!), breakout space, and meeting rooms.

Private offices start at £13,440/mo.

5. Plexal

Location: Hackney Wick

plexal hubble.jpg

One of Europe’s largest innovation centres, Plexal offers space and amenities for high-growth startups. The workspace is designed like a mini-city and provides event space, an indoor park, and a makers yard, and harnesses technology like VR, AR, and AI. Members also have access to mentorship and accelerator programmes, discounts with on-site partners that offer services in legal, accounts, marketing, and recruitment, and a full calendar of parties, events, and networking sessions.

Hot desks from £220/mo, fixed desks from £350/mo, and private offices £1,250/mo.

6. WeWork – 1 Poultry

Location: Bank

wework 1 poultry.jpg

What list on collaborative office space would be complete without WeWork, the world’s biggest name in coworking? Occupying eight floors at the prestigious 1 Poultry address in Bank, WeWork – 1 Poultry offers a professional and collaborative office space for growing and established businesses across various sectors.

Hot desks from £500/mo, fixed desks from £650/mo, and private offices from £3,515/mo.

7. Mindspace – Aldgate

Location: Aldgate East

mindspace aldgate hubble.jpg

Mindspace is collaborative office space network with global branches in Washington DC, San Francisco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, and more, providing inspiring office space and workshops for teams of all sizes. Collaborative amenities include breakout space, meeting rooms, and happy hours.

Hot desks from £300/mo, fixed desks from £375/mo, and private offices from £1,125/mo.

8. Opus Locus – Hackney Central

Location: Hackney Central

opus locus hackney hubble.jpeg

Opus Locus is a collaborative office space located in the heart of Hackney Central designed to be a quintessential environment for creative businesses, in particular design, graphics, marketing, and media. The workspace includes a private garden breakout space, and meeting rooms.

Hot desks from £179/mo, fixed desks from £250/mo.

9. Carter Lane By The Boutique Workspace Co

Location: Blackfriars

carter lane boutique workplace co hubble.jpg

Carter Lane is the 30th workspace in The Boutique Workspace Co’s portfolio and is conveniently located in Blackfriars just off of St. Pauls. Opening 1st November, 2018, Carter Lane carries on the standard of The Boutique Workspace in providing a creative environment for businesses in various industries. Breakout spaces and weekly social activities are offered.

Private offices from £29,351 per month.

10. Regent 88

Location: Leyton Midland Road

regent 88 hubble.jpg

Regent 88 offers versatile and collaborative office space for all types and sizes of businesses. All offices are individually climate-controlled and have LED screens for easy presentations. Amenities include communal areas, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, and an on-site bar.

Hot desks start from £99/mo, fixed desks from £250/mo, and private offices from £4,000/mo.


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