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Tired of working at home but don’t want to get trapped in an expensive, lengthy office contract? Here are the cheapest options for office space in Manchester. Whether working solo, with a small or large team, there are affordable options right in the heart of the city.

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Cheap offices in Manchester

Hot desking

Hot desking is one of the cheapest options, best suited to those who work alone. The term refers to desks which do not belong to any one person and instead are booked when needed. Prices tend to be more affordable as desks are never sitting empty. Some good options for hot desking include:

Coworking Northern Quarter


Grab a full time hot desk for £130 per month, right in the middle of Manchester trendy Northern Quarter. Apart from getting your own postal address you’ll enjoy access to a lovely kitchen and break out space, as well as plenty of networking opportunities within the community.

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The Pod

The Pod offers hot desks for fledgling businesses at just £5 per 4-hour session. 10 monthly sessions can be booked for £40, or 20 for £70. If office space is not needed every single day, this is an ideal choice. The price includes high-speed internet, colour printing and scanning, a meeting room and kitchen facilities.


Cheap workspaces in Manchester
Image Credit: Workplace

Workplace provides hot desks from just £11 per full day. This includes free hot drinks, access to a business lounge, regular workshops and networking events. The newly refurbished facilities include storage space for possessions, a kitchenette and any legal services required. The professional, attractive look of the place makes it ideal for meeting clients. Member describe the environment as warm, friendly, and relaxed.

Inno space

Inno space offers hot desks from just £50 per month, with 3 months free for MMU students and graduate pre-start businesses. These are available 7 days a week with the option to use the prestigious M1 postcode as a trading office/ Head Office address. Included in the price is a pigeon hole for post, use of meeting and seminar rooms, car parking, hot drinks and library access. Free legal and HR advice, plus access to mentors, events, and workshops are also included. This is an ideal option for those who are just starting a business and need support in addition to affordable facilities.

Shared spaces

If you value a positive atmosphere and networking opportunities, coworking spaces offer offices at affordable prices. Here are some of Manchester’s cheapest:

Mad Lab

Cheap offices in Manchester
Image Credit: MadLab

Manchester Digital Laboratory (otherwise known as MadLab) is a grassroots non-profit organisation which focuses on innovation in the areas of arts, culture, science, and technology. A coworking space is available within the building where a full-time desk can be booked for an introductory rate of just £175 per month. The facilities include an events and social space, access to creative development programs and workshops as well as all the basics – high-speed internet, hot drinks, printer, and photocopiers. Membership to the Manchester coworking space also includes discounts for room hire and in-house workshops.


Ziferblat is a coworking space unlike any other, designed to feel like an extension of home. The payment model is what makes it stand out. Everything is free – the coffee, cake, internet etc – and you pay for the time at 8p a minute. Should you want to spend a full day in this coworking space, the cost is capped at 4 hours. A monthly contract is available if you decide to use Ziferblat regularly. Simultaneously paying for coworking space and meals is an easy way to cut costs when you need to. This makes it ideal for early stage start-ups and freelancers.


Lofthouse coworking space is available for £140 a month, with all funds reinvested back into Friends of Stretford Public Hall. If you want to make a difference to the local area, working here is a great way to do it. Opportunities are offered to collaborate with other members and the wider community. The price includes all the basic facilities – internet, access to meeting rooms, parking, a kitchen and 8am to 10pm usage 7 days a week. Lofthouse particularly aims to provide affordable office space to those in the creative, media, and arts sectors.

Startup offices

Inno space

Cheap offices in Manchester
Image Credit: Inno Space

Inno Space also offers start-up offices from £110 per month. These are open to MMU students and early stage businesses. These are suitable for new businesses who cannot use a shared space (such as those in media production or health care. ) Open 7 days a week, the lockable private offices include use of the M1 postcode, a pigeon hole, free use of meeting and seminar rooms, as well as the other perks associated with their hot desks.

Serviced offices

If you want all your needs taken care of for one price, a serviced office is the way to go. Here are some of Manchester’s cheapest options.

Trinity Offices

Trinity offers fully serviced offices, starting at £195 per month – one bill which covers everything with no hidden extras. This includes your own desk, a business telephone number, high-speed internet, use of a business lounge, access to meeting, conference, and training rooms, PA services, and mail handling. These affordable offices can be accessed from 8am to 8pm every day.

Free options

Yes, these do exist! while you are unlikely to find a proper office for free, there are places in Manchester where freelancers and solo entrepreneurs can work, and where meetings and events can be held. If you need somewhere to start off before graduating to one of the above options, here’s what is available in Manchester:

Honest Coffee

Honest Coffee is a cafe and coworking space, able to hold up to 40 people. The space allows you to drop in whenever necessary, at no cost – it funded by Kickstarter campaigns, grants, and the associated coffee shop.

Manchester Central Library


Manchester library seeks to support new local businesses by offering free spaces to work. The Business and Intellectual Property Centre provides information and support. These include networking events, access to databases and publications, advisors and experts. The Media Lounge contains iMacs and creative software which can be booked for 3-hour sessions. A reading room provides a free space to work.

Introducing: Part-time Offices

Your very own office 1-3 days per week. Save up to 75% compared to a full-time office.

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