Camden: Office Space for Rock Gods and Startup Punks

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

There’s no place like Camden in London, and very possibly the world.



Working in Camden is weird (good weird)

Those that work in the area often end up in someone’s family travel photo album next to half naked street performers spitting fire and profusely pierced youths bunking off school. Yet, companies like ASOS or Louis Vuitton call Camden their home.

Keith Richards lookalikes are peppered in with Mumford and Sons photo shoots and kids building the next Wizzadora Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Music App.

Once you move there, you never want to leave. The area is bursting with tiny jazz bars and street food from around the world, the canal makes a great centrepiece and you can walk to Central London in minutes.

Easily accessible on the tube and Bus, Camden has a rich history that has evolved over decades. It still manages to remain true to its roots, free from the gentrification of East London.

Creative businesses, bustling trade markets, nostalgic rock-n-roll nights, amphetamine fuelled drum n bass nights, rooftop bars and hidden away restaurants make Camden possibly (still) the most interesting place in London.



Escape the city hype

Camden has its own rules. Having a beer at 1pm – check, paying £3 for flat white – no way. You get the picture – try telling a local “OMFG THIS IS JUST LIKE SHOREDITCH!”

This might come across as an incorrect thing to say about a neighbourhood that literally never sleeps, but Camden has a lot of stillness and simplicity. The locals, no matter how extravagant they look, or what hair colour they wear that week, say hello to each other.

The Camden Coffee House owner is famous for knowing his regular customers on a first name basis and so do the traders in the Stables market. Locality is valued, so is a genuine hello.



I don’t own anything from Mick Jagger’s wardrobe.

Is it okay if I wear normal clothes to work?

Yes and a million more yesses. Wearing a suit will surely make you standout, yet hard work, startups and creative cultures are highly valued here – Camden tries hard to come across as a bustling business hub and its getting there. Now that you can start a business, write a book or make a song in your pyjamas anywhere in the world, more and more businesses are being started here. A stiff drink never did anyone much harm either.

If you decide to embrace it, you won’t have to look far for a pair of leather trousers around here anyway, there is a surprising amount of leather shops operating next door to one another.

Plug: You might be interested in finding offices in Camden here.




Camden’s food and shopping doesn’t bow to convention

Shopping in Camden is great. Get pierced, pick up a Greggs or some unimaginatively names hallucinogens.

You’ll even find some major high street shops with short queues and swathes of discounted items. While tourists love great offers, locals can strike a deal for almost anything – including a great new handmade leather bag from Stables Market.


If you are after creative and unique objects, you’ll love Camden charity shops. Oxfam famously helps people prepare, survive and come back stronger from disasters. What could be better than shopping and helping the world?



Of course, there’s delicious food from all around the world – lunch from the market is very affordable and very delicious! Some of London’s best Gastropubs, steak restaurants and sushi restaurants live in Camden.

If you are (or are friends with) the lady below, please let us know. We’ve never seen anyone look happier with a burger; let us feed you more!




Camden night life

The formula is simple: start at a pub or if the weather is great venture to the canal. Some pubs even have gardens overlooking the canal. The ducks are so used to people they come to say hello – random interactions with nature are great, especially in the middle of urban epicentres.


Every bar will have a great night planned and most will hire promoters to invite you in. Every bar is different the flyers presented to you by promoters will offer generous discounts.


Camden office style

This place is anti-David Brent. Everyone from ageing rock gods to startup punks will feel at home here and happily fall into the melting pot. Have a look at Camden offices for yourself and see if it tickles your fancy. The area is still cheap compared to the rest of Central London, so you’re more likely to find a bargain here than anyone else.

You’ll typically find collectives, pop-ups, and plenty of shared offices with creative companies in the music, PR, design, art and fashion industries. Hiring creative talent is normally the hardest part of starting a company; Camden makes this easier as you can probably just stop someone on the street and have a chat!


Camden Startups

Camden is said to be the hub of creative London based startup companies. Camden Collective is home to many, as well as their high street pop up shops providing innovation makers with a place to showcase and sell their work. Social change is big here too – if you have a free weekend and would like to do gardening with the over 80’s club or join a supperclub, look out for companies such as Kitchenette, Rootless Garden, Great Little Place, Grub Club, YunoJuno… They all started here and some of them continue changing the world from their Camden HQ!


Why do you enjoy working in Camden?

Nadine, Camden Collective Hubs manager riffed with us.


“You never know what you will see on the highstreet. It feels like it’s full of misfits, which is quite comforting!” I Instagram a lot of things happening around!”

Jared, founder of Cinema Jam was a typical foodie.

“I love it here because it’s fun, exciting, but not overly hip. I am also a fan of fish and chips (a guilty pleasure) and Poppies is the perfect place to satisfy cravings.”


Does Camden sound like your kind of place? Can you see yourself and your team having great fun here after work? Check out amazing office spaces on Hubble and find your company a new home!

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