BRAVO COMPANY x HubbleHQ: Moving to a Managed Office

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We spoke to Florian Stronk, BRAVO COMPANY’s CEO and co-founder, about his gaming company and about his experience working with HubbleHQ. Freddie, one of HubbleHQ’s Tenant Advisors and Chartered Surveyor, helped BRAVO COMPANY find a managed office space with a 12-metre long living wall(!)

Hi Florian! Can you tell me about BRAVO COMPANY?

Florian: We create skill-based multiplayer games that can be played in four-minute sessions – we like to call these games “coffee-break eSports”. Our first game, Forces of Freedom, brings team infantry firefights to mobile players around the globe.

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Where did your idea come from?

Florian: The idea came from watching myself as a gamer; I used to spend a lot of free time playing military games on my PC and console, but as an adult, I find myself time- poor and unable to enjoy my hobby.  I knew there were a hundred million people in the same position as me, so we created a team combat game for busy people to play on-the-go. 

Also, to date, shooting games that were originally designed for mouse and keyboard/multi-button gaming have not translated well to the mobile platform and its often spontaneous playing context. We have created a new, simpler product that works on mobile devices, with proper touch screen controls for the “always busy” generation.


How did you hear about HubbleHQ?

Florian: I started searching for offices on Zoopla and Rightmove, but then I came across Hubble on Google. I liked the presentation of the website, the filtering options, the navigation bar and the overall user experience – it was so much easier to use than the other websites.

What else did you like about the HubbleHQ experience?

Florian: The support was excellent, I really liked the live chat feature. HubbleHQ is an online platform, but it also has friendly human support to back it up. Freddie, HubbleHQ Tenant Advisor, was the first agent that had our best interests at heart. He understood what we wanted, and he made an excellent shortlist of managed office solutions that matched our criteria.

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How are you and your team liking your new office and neighbourhood?

Florian: The office is vibrant and full of life, we have a 12-metre long plant wall and loads of greenery in our space, helping to improve productivity and create an energetic atmosphere. The space reflects the spirit of our lively team.

We also really like Farringdon – there are plenty of good restaurants around, and there’s a great food market on every lunchtime. The train station is also only a short 7-minute walk from our office, with excellent transport links into the city.

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What’s next for your company? 

Florian: We’re going to keep doing what we do and improve our game. Forces of Freedom is in the early access stage, almost 25 million players have tried it so far – and that’s purely organic traffic. Exciting times!

Thanks, Florian!

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