How & Why to List Your Workspace For Free on Hubble

Will Langston
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We’re Hubble, and we’re here to provide a 360° demand solution for workspace providers everywhere.

How? By marketing your private offices through Hubble HQ, and by enabling you to generate revenue from your on-demand workspaces, be they coworking spaces, meeting rooms or private day offices, via the Hubble Pass.

Already, we partner with some of the world’s largest workspace providers and brands, some of whom manage hundreds of locations across the globe.

And here, we’ll tell you how and why you should get involved and list your workspace on Hubble.

Why to List Your Space on Hubble

There are so many great reasons why you should list your office space on Hubble.

It’s a great way to quickly maximise your revenue as you can sell your spaces by the hour, day, month or longer, all in one place.

It’s also free and flexible to list your space on Hubble as you don’t pay a penny until we’ve filled it, and your contact has no fixed term.

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Beyond this, through Hubble, you’ll enjoy international reach as we’re a global marketplace with a network that spans over 200 cities and 45 countries. And we’re only continuing to add to these impressive tallies!

And again, you’ll receive free expert advice from our Workspace Experts whenever you need it, whether you need help with pricing, photos or something else.

How to List Your Space on Hubble

It’s super easy to get your space listed on Hubble. So easy that it can be boiled down to three simple steps:

Step 1: Get Listed 🚀

It’s completely free to list your space on Hubble! All you have to do is submit the information we require to make your listing, and we’ll ensure your listings look top notch to maximise your occupancy rate and help you reach the right companies.

Step 2: Get Customers 🛒

Once set up, the fun begins! You’ll immediately be able to receive viewing requests for your offices via Hubble HQ, as well as bookings for your coworking spaces, meeting rooms and private day offices via the Hubble Pass.

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Step 3: Get Paid 💰

Getting paid is easy! For the Hubble Pass, our team will arrange hassle-free monthly payments based on the value of bookings you’ve had from our customers for coworking space, meeting rooms and private day offices (you set the prices).

It’s just as easy with Hubble HQ. We’ll take a fee that’s either based on 10% of the first 12 months’ rent or the minimum term of the licence, whichever is greater.

Step 4: Get Guidance 🧠

And of course, we don’t stop supporting you after you’re listed—we’re here to make sure you succeed with Hubble.

So, if you do have any questions about how Hubble works, our Advisors are on hand to help at If not, we’ll just need a few details from your side and we can get the ball rolling!

List your space for free on Hubble

When it comes to offices, there’s nothing we don’t like. Big, small, serviced, shared, on-demand, coworking, local and international. You name it, we list it!

And we’re proud to say that we’ve already listed some of the world’s most mind-blowing spaces from other top providers who are earning millions in annual revenue through Hubble.

If you have any questions at all about how it all works, please feel free to call us on 020 3685 1201 or email us at Otherwise, just click the button below to get started!

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