Refer a friend to HubbleHQ, share £500

The Hubble Team
The Hubble Team|

Know somebody looking for office space in London?

Got 60 seconds to spare?

Fancy earning £500?


You’re in the right place. Refer a friend to HubbleHQ and you’ll both get £250 for less than a minute’s work. If that doesn’t feel like magic, we’re not sure what does.


As usual, the process is super simple:

  1. Head to this link
  2. Enter your details
  3. Enter your friend’s details
  4. Get £250 each when they move office with us

Cherry on the cake? There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, as long as they’ve not previously registered with HubbleHQ and they’re looking for 5 or more desks. The sky’s the limit.

sky is the limit

And, just in case your friend asks: “Why HubbleHQ?!”—just tell them this:

We make office search so simple it feels like magic


From idea to IPO, hassle-free flex space to bespoke long-term leases, we cover 100% of the market and give you 100% of the options. We find ideal offices faster (400% faster, actually) and work smarter with scaling businesses—negotiating cash-conscious contracts for growing teams, arranging overflow options for freelancers and subsidiaries, and sorting sublet management for extra income.

All good? Your 60 seconds starts… now.


Find the right balance of office and remote working for your team

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