10 things you don’t want to forget when moving office in London

Varun Bhanot
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Moving house can be notoriously stressful, so what about moving a whole business? Rather than shutting the office down for a week or so, here are the top ten things to remember to ease the stress and keep you up and running:

1. Cancel out any recurring bills.

There was nothing I hated more than when Thames Water continuing debiting my account even after I had moved out of my old flat, or when my monthly issue of Horse & Hound magazine got delivered to the new tenants for their unwarranted enjoyment.  As most bills operate on a monthly/scheduled rota, you should allow enough time to cancel them so you are not charged for time you are not there.

2. Remember to tell discuss with all your employees

Your employees have probably got used to the commute to the current office as well as all the local eateries and watering holes. Moving office should be a collective decision (where possible) as it will affect some more than others. Be sure to entice them with the new selection of Pret A Mangers and nearby pubs where they can (possibly) drown their work sorrows.

3. Don’t forget about those pesky extra bits and bobs

Whenever I’m racing to buy that last minute gift for someone, it’s not the wrapping paper but the Sellotape and scissors I always forget to pick up! Don’t forget these tiny details when packing up for your office. Don’t think you can carry everything onto the removal truck either – you will want to pack your computer monitors and binders of paperwork (if you have any) into cardboard boxes. Order your cardboard boxes here: http://www.cardboardboxes.co.uk/

4. Check your Contracts

Before you move make sure that there are no contracts or tenancy agreements which mean that you can’t move out of your office for a set period. People typically forget about what was agreed for when exiting their office. You might have to leave it how you found it (so no pinching of those window plants or tea mugs!) Equally, make sure you go through all the new contracts for when you find your new place.

5. Time Frame

Make sure you draw up a schedule for how long the move will take a place and if it is going to disrupt any of your staff’s work. Make sure that any important projects are finished in good time or don’t start as soon as you’ve moved in – there is going to be enough stress from moving, you don’t need extra deadlines too.

6. Research Removal Companies

If you can’t bundle all your stuff into the back of your cars or a big taxi, an office space removal company is just the thing. Some even provide the burly men to help you shift too. Our friends at TheMoveMaster are experts in this sort of thing – worth hitting them up. If you need to put anything into storage – even temporarily – we highly recommend LoveSpace too who will come and pick up and drop off as you need.

7. Don’t forget the mouldy sandwiches

You may have forgotten about that half-eaten tuna mayo sandwich but it sure hasn’t forgotten about you! Be sure to have a quick check to make sure you haven’t left anything in the work fridge especially if it might be leaving a funky smell for the rest of the office to endure. You also won’t want to make the bitter mistake of leaving any old beers in there for months like we did. Tuna infused lager anyone?

8. Tell Your Clients/Investors/Suppliers

It is so easy to get caught up with the move that you overlook telling your wider business network about the move. Chances are if you are like us, you don’t use post a great deal but it is still important to inform the key stakeholders such as investors that you have some new digs. It is also important to let any relevant clients or suppliers know so they can anticipate any disruption or delays.

9.  Flog the furniture you don’t need

It will be a lot harder to get rid of those chairs and tables you don’t need once you’ve left so why not host a ‘yard sale’. Stick up the goodies on the London Startups group or Gumtree and see if there are any takers. There are always people looking for a quick deal on office furniture.  Or simply give it away for free – you want to get it out of your old office somehow someway!

10.  Bring something for your new office buddies

First impressions count! You’ll want to bring something to break the ice with your sharing partners – especially if you’re going to be around the same space for 8+ hours a day. It doesn’t have to be big – we loved it when the company next to us moved in and brought big bowls of Skittles and Minstrels for us to indulge in. A couple packs of beer wouldn’t go amiss either.

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