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Av. £737
desk per month
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11Coworking spaces

Av. £47
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182Meeting rooms

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Common office facilities around Mayfair

Useful building facilities


Breakout Space

In 61% of buildings

Pets Allowed

In 29% of buildings

Coffee & Tea

In 57% of buildings

24hr Access

In 85% of buildings

Exceptional building facilities


Roof Terrace

In 17% of buildings


In 3% of buildings

Bike Storage

In 41% of buildings

Events & Talks

In 11% of buildings

Useful on‑demand workspace facilities around Mayfair


Early Arrival (8:30am)

In 25% of buildings

Late Stay (after 6pm)

In 2% of buildings

Monitors Available

In 3% of buildings

Phone Booths

In 30% of buildings

Mayfair Area Guide for Office and Workspace Seekers

Welcome to Mayfair, a Luxurious and Prestigious Business Hub

Mayfair, located in the heart of London's West End, is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and prestige. Known for its elegant squares, fine dining, and high-end boutiques, Mayfair offers a distinguished setting for businesses, particularly those in the finance, legal, and luxury goods sectors.

Transport Links: 

  • Green Park and Bond Street Stations: Provide access to the Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria lines, offering efficient connections across London.

  • Nearby Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus Stations: Further enhance connectivity with additional Underground lines.

  • Numerous Bus Routes: Serve the area, ensuring easy travel to and from various parts of the city.

Local Attractions: 

  • Burlington Arcade and Bond Street: Renowned for luxury shopping, perfect for high-end client experiences.

  • The Royal Academy of Arts and Handel & Hendrix in London: Offer cultural enrichment and artistic inspiration.

  • Berkeley Square and Grosvenor Square: Iconic green spaces providing a tranquil escape from the urban hustle.

Office and Workspace Options:

  • Georgian Townhouses: Converted into high-end office spaces, offering impressive interiors and modern amenities, such as Our Space - 27 Hill Street

  • Corporate Headquarters: The area hosts numerous prestigious commercial offices, such as managed offices, for finance and legal firms looking for a customisable space for the long-term.

  • Boutique Office Spaces: Independent workspace providers like Messila House provide an intimate and exclusive setting for smaller businesses and startups.

  • Part-Time Offices: Flexible private spaces to rent for the same 2-3 days per week, ideal for businesses looking to cut costs while retaining an office presence.

  • On-Demand Workspaces: Coworking spaces, private day offices, and meeting rooms to book by the day or hour, ideal for remote teams looking to meet, connect, and collaborate across Mayfair.

Business Ecosystem: 

Mayfair's business community is characterised by its high-profile nature, hosting a range of international corporations, hedge funds, and embassies, creating an environment of professionalism and global connectivity.

Working in Mayfair: 

The area boasts some of London's finest restaurants, hotels, and galleries, offering a luxurious lifestyle. From afternoon tea at Sketch to cocktails at Corrigan's Bar and Restaurant, Mayfair has endless local amenities to wine, dine, and impress your clients.

Mayfair as Your Next Office Location:

Choosing an office in Mayfair situates your business in one of London's most prestigious and affluent districts. With its unparalleled elegance, excellent transport links, and exclusive business community, Mayfair is an ideal location for businesses seeking a distinguished yet flexible presence in London.

FAQs about workspaces around Mayfair

How much office space do you need per person around Mayfair?

The most commonly accepted rule around Mayfair is that 100 sq.ft. per employee is the ideal amount of space per person. This allows for roughly 50 sq.ft. for desk space and another 50 sq.ft. to accommodate space in communal areas, like breakout spaces, meeting rooms and kitchens.

How much does it cost to rent an office around Mayfair?


The cost of renting an office in the UK varies based on factors like location, size, and amenities. 

around Mayfair the average cost per desk is £737.

How do I find office space around Mayfair?

The best first step in finding workspace around Mayfair is to define exactly what your needs are – considering location, cost, amenities and timelines (you might even want to survey your employees to get feedback too). Once you’re clear on your needs you can reach out to a broker, like Hubble, to start booking in viewings.

When should I start looking for a new office?

The amount of time in advance you should start looking for an office depends on team size, and the type of space you’re looking for (managed, serviced or leased). However, as a ballpark figure, Hubble recommends looking 3-4 months in advance for serviced or managed offices, and 6 months in advance for leased. However, if you need to move sooner we can help you find something fast.

What’s included with a meeting room rental?

The equipment included in meeting rooms around Mayfair will vary from provider to provider. However, you can typically expect to find chairs and a table, a whiteboard, a TV screen, and audio equipment. Some specialist meeting rooms may come with equipment such as ring lights and podcasting microphones. If you need specific equipment in your meeting room, reach out to the provider to check that it’s available.

What’s included with a day office rental?

The items included in day offices around Mayfair will vary from provider to provider. However, you can expect to find desks and chairs in a private office with a door. Some day offices will include monitors that you can use, and access to call booths. You will often be able to book other types of workspace, such as meeting rooms, if you need them.

What is Hubble?

Hubble is a flexible workspace platform. We help businesses give their teams great places to work – whether that’s full or part-time offices, or on-demand access to a network of thousands of spaces to work and meet.
Our solutions flex with your workspace needs, helping you reduce wasted office spend while keeping your employees happy and productive.

What types of workspace can I get around Mayfair?

Hubble offers multiple ways to access workspace in around Mayfair, including flexible full-time leases, as well as part-time offices that you only pay for 1-3 days per week.We also have private offices available on-demand, which you can rent by the day.
If it’s only a desk you’re after, we have 11 coworking spaces available around Mayfair through on-demand day passes.
And if you only need a workspace for a few hours, or to work together as a group, you could take a look at meeting rooms around Mayfair.

Can I take my pet to work around Mayfair?

Yes! You can take a look at our pet-friendly offices around Mayfair to find the perfect workspace for you and your furry friends.

How do part-time offices around Mayfair work?

A part-time office is a private office that you only rent for 1-3 days per week. You don’t pay a deposit, and can save up to 75% on the cost of an office full-time.

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