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Round The World Studios - Edinburgh



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Building Facilities

Arrival Instructions

Locate the intercom on the right hand side of our front gates and enter the Intercom code sent via e-mail/sms (if you have any problems please use the intercom to call Alex Gordon). Push the door gate to enter and ensure it is closed shut behind you.

Head down the bend and on the left is a wooden door inside an alcove. Locate the small key safe and enter the Key Safe code sent via e-mail/sms. Ensure the key safe is closed after accessing your key and fob and the combination is scrambled.

Use your fob and/or key to enter the Printworks building and to come and go as you please. Please ensure the key and fob are returned to the Key Safe at the end of your booked time at RTW Studios, and the combination is scrambled.

Access Hours

8:00am - 8:00pm


Round The World Studios is a creative business hub in Edinburgh. Tucked away on a private courtyard off of Constitution Street, we offer a variety of office and studio spaces inside our converted Printworks and Whiskey Store buildings. The Club Room, our multi-purpose space on the ground floor of the Printworks building, can be used as a co-working space, for meetings and presentations or for various events such as film screenings, sculpture exhibitions, pop-up shops and office parties. We are an independent, family-run business with flexibility and convenience as our focus.

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