When hunger strikes in Shoreditch

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

One of the things we love most about Shoreditch is never having to eat at the same place twice. We go somewhere different every day. (You think we jest – I genuinely didn’t eat at the same place twice in my first 3 weeks in the new Hubble offices!) And so it is that our second area of expertise, after offices, is food.



albion lunch egg bacon and golden syrup in shoreditch

It’s Monday. You didn’t spend last night believing you’d have to be awake this morning. You need food. In large quantities. But simple. It’s not yet 12 hours since that kebab. That’s where Albion comes in. The biggest sandwiches you can imagine on fantastic doorstops of bread from the in-house bakery, and all under a fiver. If you’re going for brunch, the pastries, made from scratch on site, are divine. And for the kid inside, Albion makes an 8-inch Jammy Dodger – what’s not to love?!



korrito lunch in shoredtich - korean food in a burrito

Hubble is vying for the title of No.1 Korrito fan. Varun and Tushar are particularly regular wielders of the loyalty card. In typical Shoreditch style, Korrito blends Korean barbecue and kimchi rice with the Mexican burrito we know and love. Korrito founder, Joo Lee, recently used Kickstarter to fund a documentary exploring the past, present and future of Korean cuisine.

As Korean food gradually takes over London, Jubo on Rivington Street is another office favourite. Our Tom Watson is rated by Jubo’s own staff as their biggest customer (and not just because he’s 6’5”!) and it does a great mix of takeaway and sit down meals. There’s even a ‘Wall of Fame’ for Jubo champion eaters – though Tom might have something to say about any challenges to his crown.

If you’ve not quite got your tastebuds around Korean yet, appearing alongside Korrito are a number of our BoxPark favourites – check out BunnyChow for South African street food in a bread basket or FalafeLicious for a healthier, but huge falafel salad box.


The Caravans

Caboose Lunch from a caravan in Shoredtich

If we can’t decide what to eat, there’s one place we can always agree on – the caravans. Apparently officially known as Ely’s Yard off Brick Lane, there’s a great range from the best named chicken in Shoreditch (Mother Clucker), to New York Buffalo Wings (Orange Buffalo), to the best pulled pork (Caboose), Venezuelan empanadas or Italian flatbreads (La Piadina Pronta).

If the heavens open and you can’t fit under the gazebo, there’s brand new DF/Mexico from the guys behind Wahaca on the corner of Ely’s Yard, named after Distrito Federal, the Mexican term for the capital, and serving fantastic Mexican food (great burritos for around £6.50).


Rivington Canteen Street Food Festival

Rivington Street Food Festival rooftop lunch in Shoredtich

Thursday’s are easy. When we worked in the Office Group’s Black & White building on Rivington Street, the food came to us! But even now we’ve moved in with Culture Label we return every Thursday to see what stalls have set up shop (sometimes we still sneak to sit on the roof!). As part of the Black & White building’s Rivington Canteen Street Food Festival we’ve had Italian hog roast ciabattas, ‘authentic’ paella (“we’re from Val-en-see-ya, innit”) and gourmet burgers – it never disappoints!


Ask the office

Sushi Lunch closeup in Shoreditch

With a popup food stall behind the back of the Culture Label offices every Friday, we don’t have to go far (ok, there are five flights of stairs!). But if that does’t take your fancy, why not take a recommendation from our office neighbours? Gather.ly suggested Japanika, with a range of sushi and sashimi as well as a great katsu curry. Meanwhile, Beffittd are big fans of innovative Chilango, of ‘burrito bond’ fame.

Finally, a nod to new kids on the Shoreditch block, Dirty Burger, who so kindly gave us half price burgers and doughnuts to celebrate their launch this week. As Shoreditch House’s fast food baby, the queues have been out the door and along the street. And we can see why – the burgers were pretty amazing!

If all of this hasn’t solved you’re lunch quandry, all we can do is leave it to these guys to tell you where to go for lunch near you.

Have we missed something? Where’s your favourite Shoreditch spot? Share in the comments below & we’ll check them out and maybe even add them to our list!

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