The Best 11 Coworking Spaces in New York City for 2024

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Unpopular opinion, but New York might just be the greatest city in the world. There’s great food, great minds, great people, great buildings, great parks. 

With all that in mind, you shouldn’t be super shocked to hear that it’s also home to some of the greatest coworking spaces in the world.

You may be more surprised to learn that you can book yourself into over 30 of these marvellous spaces today using Hubble On-Demand.

That’s right! But with so many great spaces available, it can be hard to choose between them. That’s why we’ve helpfully compiled some of our favourites for you here. Let’s get to it.

WorkHouse NYC

WorkHouse NYC, New York

Just a short walk up from the world-famous Rockefeller Plaza, this coworking space is an absolute beauty.

It’s got wood-panelled walls, ornate stone floors, leather sofas, and enormous windows that implore you to gaze down onto Fifth Avenue as it bustles beneath you.

The space also has phone booths, meeting rooms, top-spec AV equipment, event space, chess corners and, of course, a glorious outdoor terrace that looks as though it’s been plucked straight from a movie set.

You’ll never want to leave. But that’s fine(ish) as Workhouse NYC offers early arrival (from 8.30am) and late stay options (6.30pm) so you can really make your time count in the city that never sleeps.

Cubico – 433 Broadway Street

Cubico - 433 Broadway Street, New York

Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan, this coworking space has truly mastered the industrial look and we love it. Cubico is the real Concrete Jungle.

Book a slot here with Hubble On-Demand and you’ll have access to everything you’d ever need during the day at work; phone booths, hot drinks, a kitchen, event space, the list goes on.

There’s also a roof terrace, which is ideal if you want to kick back over lunch or talk strategy with your team whilst soaking in the views of One World Trade Center.

The Yard – Gowanus Coworking

The Yard - Gowanus Coworking, New York

With exposed brick, vibrant colours and full blown murals on the side of the office building, this coworking space is properly embracing its Brooklyn roots. 

And we don’t just mean when it comes down to its decor. The pet-friendly space is kitted out with all the usual amenities but has gone the extra mile by installing gym facilities on site!

Picture this: you’re walking to work on a sunny spring morning, cold brew in one hand, dog in the other. You can’t go too far wrong with that.

The Yard – Williamsburg

The Yard - Williamsburg, New York

Williamsburg is known for being a hip neighbourhood that attracts the young and fashionable to its chic boutiques, trendy cafés and buzzy restaurants.

It therefore makes complete sense that the area’s hottest coworking space is just as hip, trendy and buzzing. 

The Yard Williamsburg has captured everything that’s great about brutalist architecture whilst also managing to create a coworking space that’s functional, vibrant and inspiring. It could definitely be mistaken for a modern art gallery.

With multiple breakout spaces and quiet corners for you to settle yourself into, this really is a great place to know about.

The Farm – Soho

The Farm - Soho, New York

The Farm is not your regular coworking space. It’s more…farmy.

It’s wooden, it’s rustic. Yes, there are old bits of agricultural machinery hanging from the walls, and that’s why we love it!

It’s the perfect coworking space to book yourself into if you’re looking to shake things up a little and move away from the mundane. It might just have all the wonderfully unique character you need to feel inspired once again.

Jay Suites – Wall Street

Jay Suites - Wall Street, New York

Imagine a classic Wall Street office. Suits, ties and cufflinks. Phones with curly cables attaching them to the dial set. Everyone screaming at one another as they try to secure that last sweet deal of the day.

Now imagine the exact opposite. Jay Suites on Wall Street is a young, fresh and modern-thinking coworking space, with clean office layouts and green breakout spaces.

It also has a fantastic on-site café where the entrance quite literally looks like one to a bank vault that lies deep underground.

The Vaults, Jay Suites, Wall Street, NYC

There are pool tables and laid-back areas too where you can freely relax when you get a chance to grab those well deserved breathers.

Jay Suites – Fifth Avenue

Jay Suites - Fifth Avenue, New York

This coworking space, also owned by Jay Suites, sits in the heart of New York City’s Garment District.

It’s a bliss five-minute walk away from the spectacular Bryant Park and a handy stroll down from Grand Central Terminal – one of New York City’s main transport hubs.

The space itself has coworking facilities and private day offices up for grabs, so you can pick whichever setup suits you and your team best.

There’s also a lovely bit of outdoor space for you (and the office dogs) to enjoy on sunny New York days.


Nomadworks, New York

This coworking space is another good bet for you early risers and late finishers, with Nomadworks offering early starts and late closures.

It’s also pet-friendly, has fantastic kitchen facilities and stunning exposed brick interior.

Insider Tip: Abiko Curry is a fantastic lunch spot for what is arguably New York’s best katsu curry–just two blocks up (five minutes away).

Studio – 1230 Avenue of the Americas

Studio - 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York

This coworking space is pitched up right in the heart of the Rockefeller Center and is therefore flashy in every sense of the word.

Gorgeous velvet sofas with plump cushions, exposed brick, towering indoor plants and trees–there’s not one part of this office that hasn’t clearly been designed with style, productivity and passion at the forefront.

Of course, this space is not just aesthetically pleasing. It’s fully specced out with phone booths, outdoor space and cooking facilities. It also has coworking space and private day offices, both bookable with Hubble On-Demand.

Studio – 11 West 42nd Street

Studio - 11 West 42nd Street, New York

Sat just north of Bryant Park, this coworking space boasts remarkable kitchen facilities and wide open office floors with thoughtful touches that one could only expect from a New York office space.

The office itself looks out onto leafy Bryant Park as well as the marble masterpiece that is New York’s Public Library.

Insider Tip: Blue Bottle Coffee is just a three-minute walk across Bryant Park and is a great bet if you’re looking for that perfect coffee to give you an afternoon boost.

Bat Haus – New York

Bat Haus, New York

You’ll find this coworking space on a classic Williamsburg street; never-ending treelined sidewalks backdropped by red brick buildings with pristinely pointed brickwork.

The space itself welcomes in plenty of natural light and is filled with plants to satisfy your biophilic needs.

The overall vibe is fairly casual with various breakout areas dotted about the floor. There’s also a nicely quaint outside patio that catches a good bit of sunlight on sunnier days. The space is also pet-friendly, it has bike storage, late stay options, phone booths, and more!

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