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Should You Ditch Your Office? Survey Your Team and Find Out!

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|

With leases coming up for renewal and team members asking questions around when you’ll be heading back to the office, many businesses are currently re-evaluating what their teams will need from their future workplace.

This is no easy task. Preferences around remote working can vary wildly from person to person, making it a daunting task working out what’s best for your team. Should you stick with your current office contract? Do you go fully remote? Opt for something in-between…? But what exactly? And how?

To answer these questions, you need data. That’s why HubbleHQ, Runway East and ICE List have teamed up to put together this “Should we ditch the office?” survey, that will:

1) Enable you to easily survey your own team and access the data you need to make informed decisions about the future

2) Give you insights into the future of work, via the aggregated and anonymous results of everyone who responds to the survey

You can find the survey here:



How do I access my team’s results?

We’ll share our overall findings with everyone who has completed the survey, but if you’d like access to the results for your specific company, simply do the following:

  1. Share the survey with your whole team—the more people that fill it in, the more useful your results will be. Make sure you send it to any furloughed employees, too!
  2. Ensure that everybody fills in the “company name” field in exactly the same way (i.e. choose between &/and, whether you will use acronyms, etc). This prevents answers from getting lost during analysis!
  3. Press “Get Results” at the end of the survey or send an email to futureofwork@hubblehq.com requesting them. Please include your name, company, and job title in the body of the email (we do this step so we can verify that the right people will receive the right information).
  4. We’ll crunch the numbers for you—and voila! We’ll send them straight to your inbox once the survey has closed on 19th June.

Don’t forget to tell your team that by filling in the survey, they’ll also be in with a chance of winning a £250 WFH kit—including house plants from Patch, a 3-month Origin coffee subscription, and laptop stand!


Note: this is a FREE service by HubbleHQ. 

Our vision has always been for a world where everyone has the right workspace to succeed—whether that’s at home, the office or anywhere else. 

We’re just trying to do our bit to help businesses understand what their employees want, and for the wider world to understand a little bit more about how we’re all planning to work. Runway East and ICE have kindly supported our efforts here.

All survey results will be shared on an anonymised and aggregated basis.


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