Tips for Hosting a Summer Office Party

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The sun is out, desks sit empty and enthusiasm is lacking. Here’s how you can build upon team spirit, re-charge and beat the summer slump:

A summer office party.

Keep reading for tips on putting something together on the fly:

Find a venue

summer office party

The great thing about hosting a party over summer months is that venue possibilities are endless. Plan on capitalising on the great outdoors, but also keep in mind that London’s weather is notoriously unpredictable. Your chosen location should be just as nice under the sky as it is indoors. Rooftop bar/restaurants are the obvious choice and require little planning aside from a reservation.

On a budget? If you work in a coworking space, you’re likely one of the luck ones with access to on-site break out and event space. If you have roof access, why not move the party upstairs? Just hang some market lights, bring up (or rent) enough chairs and you’re good to go.

Find an office with event space.

Gardens and courtyards are great options for barbecues and friendly football games, just make sure to keep your eye on the weather forecast and pack rain ponchos just in case.

Food and drinks are essential

office party food drinks

We can guarantee that a hungry coworker won’t be much fun. Keep your party going by having plenty of food and drinks on hand. Your average party guest alone will drink 3/4 drinks in a couple hours. Unless you’ve opted for a more formal affair, food should be fork-only to keep things practical. Pick up refreshments at the local supermarket if you’re going for something casual or opt for catering if you want to make things hassle-free.

Always make sure to offer a variety of food and drink options, as some of your colleagues may require meat-free, dairy-free and non-alcoholic options for example.

Make it personal

office party decor

Your office party is just that: yours. Personalise the event through a theme and decor. You could pick accessories that follow your company’s colour scheme or get custom signage and banners. If you’re planning a sit-down meal, try using personalised place cards to sit each colleague between someone they work with regularly and someone they don’t—this will help keep the conversation flowing.

Make it social

office party photobooth

An office party is a great opportunity to get some team photos to look back on so don’t forget to bring a camera along. Better yet, make your party an occasion to showcase your company’s work culture and team to the outside world (and future talent). Fun additions like a photobooth station, custom event hashtag and step and repeat banner will encourage your colleagues to share live updates from the event and promote your company (for free!).

Avoid awkward silences

office party soundtrack

Your best bet for avoiding any dull moments at your party is to provide loads of entertainment. Music is an easy place to start: invite colleagues to contribute to a playlist for the night ahead of time or suggest some live local talent. Games can also get the ball rolling: here’s a list of family-friendly (i.e. office-appropriate) games you may want to try out.

Summer in London is always short-lived so grab your colleagues, crack open a few beers and enjoy it while it lasts.


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