Hubble Success Stories: Uniplaces Shacks up with Network Locum

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

We were really really happy when we managed to provide a successful matchmaking service between two of our favourite startups in London: Network Locum and Uniplaces.

Two lost souls

Melissa Morris, Co-Founder Network Locum Headshot

Melissa and her startup Network Locum had just moved into a brand new office in Shoreditch. They took up an office space that was a little larger than they needed so that they had an option to expand their workforce, but also use the spare room as a recreational area.

Ben Grech, Co-Founder Uniplaces Headshot

Ben and his startup Uniplaces were working in a co-working space in the West End. However, they had been fortunate in raising an investment round which would allow them to hire more employees. This maturity of their business required a bigger and better space that they could call home.

Uniplaces is a young startup with founders that like to be social, have a chat and brainstorm out loud. They felt they were a little out of place in their current set-up which was more geared towards a quiet, library style environment. Ben was looking to share a space with a company that had a similar culture to his.

How they met

Melissa contacted Hubble telling us that she was looking to rent some spare space in her new office. However, she was quite particular about who her tenants would be and that she wanted a company that embrace the wackiness of the Network Locum employees and join in the manic day to day fun.

panorama network locum office space

Ben had contacted Hubble looking for space and had conducted some viewings through the platform. After talking to Ben on the phone and finding out about their company culture we realised that they would be a great fit for Network Locum’s office.

inside network locum office space in shoreditch

Uniplaces went for a viewing and it was love at first sight (well, as much love as there can be when it comes to office space). They loved not only the office space and the Network Locum team, but they realised that the two companies had another connection: Portugal. Uniplaces was started in Lisbon and more than half the team was Portuguese with constant travel between London and Lisbon. Network Locum had also recently hired a team of Portuguese developers.

The match was perfect: location, culture and Portugese banter – a match made in startup heaven

(where Eric Ries is God).

Moving in together

Ben and Melissa were keen to get their companies’ working together as soon as possible, so Ben moved in the next day. Some may say they were taking things too fast but we say carpe diem!

Ben and Melissa's Shoreditch Office Move In

Network Locum welcomed them with open arms!

After seamlessly sorting out the payments and other admin online, the Hubble team popped round to celebrate with a few bottles of bubbly. Soon there were hugs and champagne in paper cups all round! Hooray!

Celebrating the office space move in Shoreditch
Cracking Out the Bubbly in the Hubble Office

Want to join in the fun?

Melissa has 5 more desks spare that she is keen to rent out in the heart of Shoreditch. Have a look here and book a viewing now!


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