Santa Claus Finds His Perfect Office Match on!

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|

Santa Claus and his team of elves have relocated their main base to London in a bid to increase team happiness and productivity ahead of the biggest day in the yearly calendar, the 24th December—and we’re delighted to announce that HubbleHQ were the ones to help their team find the perfect match!


HubbleHQ was drafted in mid-November to secure Santa Claus and his 100-elf crew a new office space, thanks to our unique ability to match businesses of all shapes and sizes to their perfect workspace.

Undaunted by Santa’s particularly specific requirements, such as sleigh parking, a reindeer-friendly policy, and storage capacity for millions of presents, our 100% market coverage, advanced recommendation algorithms and team of expert advisors (“Santa’s Little Helpers”, if you will) meant we were able to find the perfect office for Santa 4x times faster than anyone else*.

Father Christmas’ decision to move away from his traditional, outdated workplace to something more fitting for his elves is reflective of a fast-growing trend across the country. Each day, we’re seeing business leaders everywhere start to take into consideration their teams’ requirements to ensure morale remains high in the workplace.

Tushar Agarwal, our CEO & Co-founder, said, “Finding the perfect office space is a task for any leader, including Father Christmas. We spend so many hours in the office, it’s important that businesses and offices provide teams with the best environment to boost morale and improve productivity. I hope that leaders can see that if Santa can change old habits, so can other businesses across the country.” 


Delighted with his new office space, Santa Claus told us: “Relocating our HQ from the North Pole to London was no easy decision. However, when we realised that the elves needed facilities that we couldn’t provide in our old grotto, we knew that we had to provide a workspace that would increase the Christmas spirit in the team and prevent them from becoming scrooges. Holly, our aptly named office-obsessed advisor, made sure we found an office that matched all of our requirements—from a mailing room for all the letters, to needing some really, really good air-con.” 

It was a pleasure working with such an inspirational and hard-working team, and wish them all the best of luck ahead of their big day.

Merry Christmas everybody!

The HubbleHQ Team


*At HubbleHQ, we reduce the average time it takes to find a new office from 3 months to 3 weeks!

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