How Remote-First Filtered Has Cracked the Code for Keeping Culture and Collaboration Alive

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A behind the scenes look at how Filtered has saved money, heightened flexibility and removed the barriers around top talent attraction and retention with Hubble.

  • The 33-person team at Filtered uses Hubble On-Demand to give employees the option to take a break from working from home, to get teams together to collaborate, and to organise company-wide offsites.
  • Filtered is saving an estimated *90% by using Hubble On-Demand, compared to the cost of having a full-time office for all its staff.
  • 552 of Filtered’s work days have been powered by Hubble On-Demand across 4 countries (UK, Hungary, Romania & Poland) and 90 different workspaces, and counting.

*This is based on Hubble data and the average cost of an office per person per month in London, UK.

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How Remote-First Filtered Has Cracked the Code for Keeping Culture and Collaboration Alive

In recent years, we’ve seen a push from employees to keep the flexibility that stemmed from the rise of post-lockdown hybrid working.

The result? Work is no longer something that happens in one place, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. It’s now a set of distinct activities that demand different environments, with office work now more personalised to the organisation, team and individual.

This idea has become more achievable as businesses have ‘unbundled’ the concept of the office, either by taking smaller offices on flexible leases, or going on-demand, giving employees access to workspaces wherever they need.

Flexible Workspaces

Many leaders are still struggling to balance remote work with the benefits of in-person working. And as businesses try to crack the code for long-term success, it’s growing increasingly difficult to ignore the benefits that in-person working can bring to teams — better collaboration, better culture and better communication of big company messages.

Filtered, a London-based content intelligence platform, is a prime example of a company that’s getting this balance right, embracing these changes for all they’re worth — saving money, staying flexible, and removing the barriers that surround top talent attraction and retention in the process.

Let’s dive into how Hubble has helped Filtered facilitate these strategic changes to build a more flexible and fulfilling workspace for the future.

👋 Meet Filtered: A forward-thinking start-up with its sights set on a flexible future

Filtered is a Content Intelligence platform designed to help enterprise organisations master content chaos and effectively manage hundreds of thousands of overlapping L&D content titles.

As a company, it prides itself on having a culture that’s open, honest and flexible. 

The final culture pillar — flexibility — came to the forefront when COVID hit back in 2019, when, like many other companies, Filtered had to adapt, going fully remote at a time where there were few other attainable options.

🎟 Filtered is embracing the power of flexible working with Hubble On-Demand

Today, Filtered is truly embracing the flexibility remote working has given them, with the team now thriving across the UK, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Singapore, and beyond!

Though far apart, those at the top of Filtered have always wanted to ensure that the team is able to meet up regularly.

The company’s use of Hubble On-Demand has enabled this to happen, with Filtered well equipped to:

  • Give employees the option to take a break from working from home 🏡

Everyone at Filtered can access coworking spaces on-demand in over 1,000 locations worldwide when they’re after a change of scenery, or want to knuckle down for a spot of solo deep work.

  • Enable teams to get together to collaborate 🧠

Those at Filtered also book meeting rooms by the hour when they’re keen to get together with the team to focus on project work, have in-person performance development check-ins with managers, meet with clients, and so on.

Flexible Workspaces
  • Organise company-wide meets to firm out relationships and build culture 🎉

Filtered has redefined the role and purpose of the quarterly offsite, thinking beyond the conventional “presentation then pub” format to maximise the benefits surrounding culture, collaboration and communication.

For Cath Hammond, People Ops Manager at Filtered, there are three key elements to the offsites they want to run:

  1. Communication. Filtered books an inspiring space to bring everyone together to deliver key company messages.
  2. Collaboration and having the ability to work together. The team works together in a private day office to maximise the collaborative and communal feel to the offsite.
  3. Culture. Filtered still leaves plenty of time to enjoy team-building activities, dinner and drinks throughout the remainder of the day.

Hubble On-Demand has enabled Filtered to facilitate something that might seem logistically challenging, easy and manageable all in one place.

I think the benefits are cultural, but it definitely heightens productivity too as people can plan more personalised face-to face conversations, or sit down and actually discuss something together.

Cath Hammond, People Ops Manager at Filtered

Are you planning an offsite? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Company Offsite for some great tips and tricks to make your offsites better than ever.

🔧 Filtered is fully set up for seamless adaptability

Hubble On-Demand has proven to be an excellent solution for Filtered, with every employee able to place themselves where they need to be for the task at hand, keeping productivity and spirits high at work.

With the team spread across countries, being able to actually work together makes a huge difference. The chance to connect and share how the company is doing really impacts how well everyone collaborates.

Cath Hammond, People Ops Manager at Filtered

And of course, supplementing the need for a full-time office with on-demand access to flexible workspaces has saved Filtered money as well — Filtered is saving an estimated 90% by using Hubble On-Demand, compared to the cost of having a full-time office for all its staff.

⚡️ Embrace the power of flexible working with Hubble

Through careful consideration and expert guidance for our team of dedicated workspace strategists, Filtered is now in a position where it’s cost-effectively building a communicative and collaborative global workforce without having to sacrifice on the key elements that keep culture and performance alive.

If you’d like to take a leaf out of Filtered’s book and give your team access to great places to work, head to our website or contact for more information. Our solutions flex with your workspace needs, and will ultimately help you reduce wasted office spend while keeping your employees happy and productive!

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