Online Office Brokers: The Future of Work is Here

Grace Chen
Grace Chen|

The Future of Work is here.

The robots are coming and they’re making commercial property and office space accessible. PropTech companies are creating technologies to disrupt a traditionally conservative industry—offering office spaces with transparent fees and free online office brokers. Another development in the Future of Work is virtual offices, which you can read more about here.

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What is an online office broker?

Traditionally, when dealing with commercial property, a human broker is involved. This human broker is often associated with a property brokerage, which could be a small, independent firm or an industry giant such as CBRE or JLL.

PropTech companies around the world are working on disrupting the real estate industry—making it more accessible and transparent. Hubble, specifically, is building the world’s first property broker AI. In the meantime, we offer a free online office broker.

Our virtual broker comes in two parts:

  1. Our fully-automated search engine that presents tailored results according to your needs the same way a property broker does—but without the bias and within a second.
  2. And while you can self-serve your entire office search from start to move-in, we also provide an in-house team of offices brokers to help. Just say hi in our live chat and voila! Your very own free online property broker.

As we speak, we’re gathering data from the online interactions between our clients and our agents to build your friendly neighbourhood property broker robot.

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What are the benefits of using an online office broker? 

When it comes to commercial property and office space, the industry has traditionally been rather closed-off. The business models behind PropTech’s online office brokers are different to traditional property brokers. As technology has replaced a lot of the manual heavy lifting, virtual property brokers have a lot more time on their hands to provide the best service possible.

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How can an office broker be free?

Our office agent services are free. Instead of focusing on selling and commissions, we want to provide a great customer experience and we believe that part of this is demystifying the realm of office space—and providing a free, no-strings-attached experience that empowers our clients to make the best decision regarding where to grow their business themselves.

Yes, we still earn commissions from each space that we place tenants in, but we’ve circumnavigated this business model on the solid belief that if we empower our tenants, our spaces will sell themselves.


The future of work has been a hotly discussed topic in recent years, and for good reason. As technology rapidly continues to permeate more and more aspects of society, the way in which we work and carry out business is also experiencing rapid change. Such growth has been unprecedented since the industrial revolution. In those times, the “Future of Work” involved people migrating by the masses into large cities to work. We are now amidst another revolution—the digital revolution. We live in exciting times.

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