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Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO
Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO|

One of the reasons we started Hubble was because we wanted finding and booking an office to be as easy as booking a holiday on Expedia or renting a castle on Airbnb. Over the past year we’ve had thousands of companies use our platform and, from listening to you, it seems like we’re doing a good job of helping you find things! The booking process, however, is where we consistently hear both hosts and tenants struggle. Collecting all the information about price, desks and move in date can be confusing, and arranging (and tracking) regular monthly payments is a real pain.

This is why as of today, not only can you send the Host an enquiry, you’re able to book your office space instantly with Hubble.

The Hubble 'Book Now' Button

Our online license and payments system enables you to find and book your new home in just a few clicks.

Here is what you can expect:

Secure Payments

  • We use GoCardless to process payments via Direct Debit. They do it much better than we ever could with military grade encryption, and authorised by the FCA. If you’re interested you can read more about them here.
  • Every booking has to be accepted by the host of the office and then confirmed by you, ensuring you’ll never be charged without your consent.

Easy Processing

  • Payments are processed automatically by Hubble every month. This includes providing both you and your host with clear, detailed transaction breakdowns (including VAT) for every rental payment.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, licenses are automatically agreed online by you and your host. You can view those license terms on our legals page.
  • Setup your agreement in advance and only be charged once you move in.
  • Direct Debit payments means you never have to remember to update old credit cards.

Here is the process in action:

  1. Been for a viewing? Or maybe you’re confident this is an office you’d like? Find it on the Hubble website and click ‘Book Now’.

    Stage 1 of the Hubble booking process
  2. Enter your details including ‘Number of People’, ‘Move-in Date’ and a brief message to the host.

    Stage 2 of the Hubble booking process
  3. Connect to GoCardless in order to authorise payments. We won’t take any payments until the host has confirmed and you have double-checked you’re happy with the details.
  4. Click “Create Booking”. An email will be fired off to your host and you’ll be notified whether they accept or reject.Stage 4 of the Hubble booking process
  5. Confirm your booking and enjoy your new home.Stage 5 of the Hubble booking process

As you’d expect, we think there’s still plenty of improvements to be made. Over the next few months we plan to add the ability to manage your booking, increase or decrease how many desks you need, give notice to move out of an office, and lots more.

We hope you love these changes, but if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions then please reach out to

Much love,


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