Manchester’s Top 11 Coworking Spaces

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Having transformed the way people work in London, the coworking revolution is now shifting the landscape of Manchester. The high costs and long contracts for commercial properties have traditionally been off-putting for startups, newer businesses, and those looking for offices. But Manchester’s recent crop of coworking office spaces offers a refreshing amount of flexibility.

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One key advantage of coworking spaces is that providers are forced to be competitive and offer amazing facilities. If people are unhappy with what they offer, they can move elsewhere without being hampered by the usual 5-year lease. Consequently, the bar is set high, and this is evident in Manchester’s coworking spaces.

Manchester’s coworking spaces are an eclectic bunch—they cater for the needs of almost any industry, from retail to video game production. However specific your requirements for a workspace in Manchester are, you can be sure to find somewhere to fulfil them, whether it’s a shared office space, a hot desk, or a coworking space.

To help you find the perfect workspace for your team, we’ve curated a list of 11 of the best coworking spaces to rent in Manchester by the month or longer. As a flexible workspace platform, we’re confident we can help you find just the right coworking space for you—whether that’s a professional workspace filled with an entrepreneurial spirit or an alternative space designed to spark creativity.

Why rent a coworking space in Manchester?

Competitive amenities

Often serviced, coworking spaces in Manchester have amenities and features designed to enhance the work experience. These can include cafes and restaurants, bike storage, phone booths, parking, and even gyms (depending on where you look!).

While the exact facilities will vary depending on the Manchester coworking space you choose, they’ll always come with furniture, high-speed internet, coffee and snacks, and everything else you need to ensure you live and work well. It’s always about the work-life balance!

It’s well-connected

It’s no secret that Manchester is a commuter’s dream. It’s an exceptionally well-connected as a central city in the UK, with a rich network of train stations and coach stations to get from A to B.

With major hubs like Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria train stations, alongside well-equipped coach stations, the city offers a wide range of commute options to various destinations across the country and beyond.

Flexible contracts

When you rent a flexible workspace (such as a serviced office), you benefit from an equally flexible contract. These can range from three months to a whole year, with most workspace providers even offering monthly rolling contracts!

This means you can upsize, downsize, or ditch the office altogether in just a month’s notice. And with no hefty exit fees to worry about, renting a flexible coworking space in Manchester is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Coworking spaces in Manchester to explore:

Huckletree – Ancoats

Located in the Grade II listed Old Express Building, Huckletree Ancoats is just a short walk from Piccadilly train station, Piccadilly Gardens, and Northern Quarter. Spread across 3 levels, you’ll discover spaces designed to spark creativity—from a live lounge to an in-house podcast studio. And when you need to recharge, step into the imaginarium meditation space or visit the plant cafe. 

Spaces – Deansgate

In the buzzing heart of Manchester, this coworking space is the perfect environment for professional working. Step inside and you’ll experience the UKs largest Spaces centre, offering 12 storeys of flexible designer workspace filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Located in the centre of the city, you’ll be surrounded by bars, boutiques, and endless food spots—so you’ll be able to find whatever you’re after within walking distance. 

WeWork – Spinningfields

WeWork Spinningfields provides the ultimate coworking experience. Spanning 3 floors of the city’s newest high-rise, the space features thriving coworking and private spaces to suit your business needs. With floor to ceiling windows, a pet-friendly policy, barista bars, wellness rooms, and unique common areas, this space has all the amenities your company could ask for.  

Spaces – Peter House

At Spaces Peter House, modern workspaces meet mid-century grandeur in the heart of Manchester. Located on Manchester’s main square inside a fully refurbished post-war modernist building, Peter House combines creativity and innovation. Surrounded by plenty of cultural attractions, shops, and restaurants, you’ll always have something to do when you’re taking a break. 

Landmark – Spinningfields

If you’re looking to couple style with location, this coworking space is the answer. Situated in Spinningfields, this modern space is ideal for growing businesses. The award-winning mixed development is located close to Manchester Piccadilly train station. 

WeWork – St Peter’s Square

This modern office space in the city centre offers an oasis for entrepreneurs. Over 3 floors you’ll find collaborative workspace, beautiful private offices, and generous conference rooms. The space is especially ideal for commuters, who can enjoy onsite bike storage, convenient parking options, and a Metrolink stop just outside the front door. 

Colony – The Astley

For those who are after a vibrant and soulful space, The Astley provides a tranquil and intimate coworking environment. The calm vibe is set by floor-to-ceiling windows and an abundance of natural light, making it the perfect place to inspire creativity. This, coupled with multiple collaboration zones, will keep the ideas flowing for your business. 

Orega – Arkwright House

If you’re looking for luxurious space, this 30,000 sq. ft. Grade A workspace is it. The prestigious building is located in Parsonage Gardens and provides over 500 workstations, private serviced offices, meeting rooms, and breakout spaces. Orega Arkwright House offers clients a premium quality space that is both design-led and functional. 

Work.Life – Manchester

Located in the brand New Core Building, just off King street, this coworking space features a quirky, modern design with natural light, and plenty of breakout spaces across 2 floors that will be sure to impress clients. The central location means you’re close to Exchange Square, Northern Quarter, and The Arndale. 

Colony – Jactin House

Home to productive pioneers, this space is perfect for those businesses looking for an alternative approach whilst enjoying extensive facilities. Situated in the heart of Ancoats, it features a relaxed, creative workspace with facilities including a social bar, roof terrace, and collaboration zones to keep ideas flowing. 


Profolk’s design is guaranteed to spark opportunity, creativity, and boost productivity by allowing members to work differently. The Grade II listed building has maintained many original features including stained glass windows, marble columns, and three security vaults. The communal areas provide the ideal breakout space to meet people, host events, or simply take a telephone call.

Explore even more of Manchester’s coworking spaces here.

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