The 14 Coolest Meeting Rooms in Manchester

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Meeting rooms are an exceptionally important part of every office. They’re where teams come together to collaborate, share ideas and make important decisions. They’re where you can find yourself for hours at a time, chipping away at an idea, a strategy, a vision.

Landmark, Manchester City Centre

So, you need to ensure that the meeting rooms you use reflect your needs as an individual, a team and a business. And you need to be comfortably able to channel your creativity to ensure that all time spent there is maximally productive for everyone involved.

Gone are the days when you and your team have to huddle together in the corner of the noisy kitchen. Here are some of the best meeting rooms in Manchester, all of which can be booked by the hour using the Hubble Pass.



Orega – Manchester – Piccadilly Place

Orega, Manchester, Piccadilly Place

This Orega is ideally positioned just three minutes away from Manchester Piccadilly on foot, one of the city’s main transport hubs.

And if you were to imagine a meeting room, you’d probably picture something that looks pretty identical to what this space has to offer: comfortable seating, AC, refreshments, a wall-mounted projector.

These are essential to any meeting, making this 10-seater a great bet if you’re looking for that conventional yet productive vibe. And the last listed item is perhaps the most essential in this day and age as we see more companies implement flexible working strategies

There’s no doubt that, in this space, you’ll be able to make those at home feel just as involved as those in the room.

Clockwise – Manchester

Clockwise, Manchester

Nobody likes being boxed off in a meeting room as the nights get darker and the days get longer, but Clockwise Manchester clearly gets this.

It has three meeting rooms that you can book using the Hubble Pass, all of which let in plenty of natural light and have been designed with comfort and productivity at the front of mind.

What’s more, they’re kitted out with the all important video and audio conferencing systems, and they even offer complimentary refreshments to keep your creative juices flowing.

So, if you’re looking for a meeting room in the centre of Manchester that could hold between two and ten people, this could be the place for you.

Huckletree – Manchester

Huckletree, Manchester

Nestled within Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this Huckletree has taken an edgier approach to its meeting room design.

We’re talking pastel painted walls, bold neon lighting and furniture that looks as though it’s been plucked out of the Tate Modern. But let’s get one thing straight, it’s a vibe.

Don’t let this edginess fool you, though. It’s still more than equipped for the perfect hybrid meeting, where in-person and remote attendees feel equally involved. It also boasts plenty of configurations, so you can host meetings for up to eight people.

Beehive Lofts – Beehive Mill

The meeting rooms at Beehive Lofts – Beehive Mill will do wonders for your professional image. Starting from just £30 per hour (6 credits), these meeting rooms are stylish and luxurious, providing an experience promoting creativity and comfort.

Book a meeting room by the hour here, and you and your team can work from a kitted-out workspace with coffee and tea, screens and natural light. 

Citibase – Manchester Old Trafford

Citibase, Manchester Old Trafford

This Citibase has taken the concept of a meeting back to basics, and we love it.

It’s got whiteboards, flip charts and some beautiful views, making it a top spot for brainstorming and ideation when you want to let loose and throw some ideas about with your team.

Its Old Trafford location also means you can avoid the bustle of the City Centre and minimise distractions for this mega meeting (of up to 10 people).

Colony – Manchester Piccadilly

Colony, Manchester Piccadilly

Colony is just so cool. With its exposed brick walls, natural light, trendy furniture, and exposed industrial ceiling, you and your team will sure to be able to channel your creativity should you come here for a meeting.

It’s also well kitted out to satisfy all of your conferencing and brainstorming needs with its flip chart and the wall-mounted screen.

Landmark – Manchester City Centre

This Landmark, in between Chinatown and Manchester’s Central Retail District, is known for offering stunning views out over the city, and those that use its meeting rooms certainly get to enjoy these views as well.

This is a great bet if you’re looking to host a larger meeting too, as this workspace has a room that can hold up to 16 people.

Orega – Manchester – King Street

Orega, Manchester, King Street

Located on King Street, one of the most important thoroughfares of Manchester city centre, these sleek and elegant meeting rooms are free from distraction, making them the perfect place to knuckle down with your team and get down to brass tax.

They’ve got nice comfy chairs, natural light, plus all of the usual amenities you’ll likely want for a more corporate meeting—AV equipment, flipcharts, AC and so the list goes. 

The largest of the three meeting rooms available on the Hubble Pass can also hold up to 25 people too, so space need not be a worry! 

WorkLife – Manchester

Worklife, Manchester

WorkLife puts a great level of care and attention into layout and decor. It goes against the grain and strives to create spaces that inspire not only creativity, but community.

This shows when looking at its Manchester counterpart, with the bold colour schemes, ornate lighting, and famous quotes plastered on the walls of the 6-, 10- and 12-seater meeting rooms.

This doesn’t mean the meeting room must-haves are an afterthought. Oh no, each has a wall-mounted screen for presenting and conferencing, along with an array of hot drinks and snacks. They really are great!

incspaces – Manchester – Princess Street

incspaces, Manchester, Princess Street

incspaces is positioned just off of Princess Street, one of Manchester’s main arteries, and it’s gorgeous. It’s bright, it’s got wide open spaces and it’s been put together to ensure there are plenty of configurations that suit the varying ways people like to work these days.

Its meeting rooms are no exception to this rule, with both traditional and comfier options up for grabs, depending on the mood.

Beehive Lofts – Waulk Mill

Beehive Lofts – Waulk Mill offers meeting rooms with a competitive edge. Each one boasts a rustic and stylish decor and provides top-notch facilities that’ll help impress your attendees. 

Deliver a seamless meeting with 75″ screens, large whiteboards, complimentary tea and coffee and plentiful natural light.

If that wasn’t enough, the workspace is also just a 10-minute walk from Manchester Victoria station—meaning you and all your attendees can get there with ease.

Bold Bauhaus – Manchester

When you hire a meeting room for the day, it helps to book one in a prime location. Luckily for you, Bold Bauhaus – Manchester is all that you’ll need. 

This striking Grade A workspace is located incredibly close to Salford Central station, meaning it’s easy to find and well connected to Manchester city.  

Once inside, you and attendees can enjoy vibrant meeting rooms designed to spark creativity. 

Colony – One Silk Street

Looking to host a meeting in a workspace with top-notch facilities? The Colony – One Silk Street is the one to watch. 

This flexible workspace in Manchester provides meeting rooms with amazing facilities to ensure a seamless experience. This includes whiteboards, screens, flipcharts and even complimentary tea and coffee. 

But here’s where things get interesting. Book a meeting room by the hour here, and you’ll even be able to provide catering for your attendees if you book in advance. This is ideal for those long meetings where you need all your guests on tip-top form! 

Serendipity Labs Exchange Quay

Serendipity Labs Exchange Quay provides meeting rooms with a big difference. 

This professional and modern workspace features meeting rooms that are designed to streamline productivity. With facilities such as desks, chairs, WiFi and printing on hand, you can rest assured that your team feels comfortable and supported during their meeting. 

Take your meetings up a level with the Hubble Pass

Meetings don’t have to be held in dull, white-washed rooms that lack character.

Today, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many industry leaders that are working to craft spaces that put creativity and productivity higher up the priority list.

A lot of these leaders have their sights set on Manchester too, so now’s a great time to make use of the many wonderful options available that are bookable by the hour with the Hubble Pass.

And if it’s not just meeting rooms you’re after, be sure to explore the plethora of coworking space, private day offices and event space that you can access in Manchester, along with the other 1000+ locations in the rest of our global network.

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