Manchester’s 8 Best Coworking Spaces

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Oasis, The Smiths, Manchester City, Coronation Street. Manchester is and has been home to many great things throughout the course of its history.

So, it should come as no surprise that it’s turning into a real hub for some of the best coworking spaces.

Created with employee wellbeing and productivity at the front of mind, here are some of Manchester’s best coworking spaces that you can book using the Hubble Pass, your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand coworking space, private day offices, meeting rooms and event space.

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Colony – Manchester Piccadilly

Just a four-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly, this industrial-looking coworking space oozes coolness.

Colony - Manchester Piccadilly

Kitted out with plenty of desks, ergonomic chairs, private meeting rooms and comfy breakout spaces, it has everything you need for a productive day at work. It’s even pet-friendly, so there’s no reason you can’t bring your pooch along on the day!

Colony - Manchester Piccadilly

As for the area itself, you’re just a short walk away from some scrumptious lunch spots and also some of the city’s hottest coffee shops, including the one and only Takk.

Huckletree – Manchester

Huckletree in Manchester is bright, bold and buzzing. 

Huckletree - Manchester

The black and white stripes and zig-zags that line the floors and walls make for the perfect eye opener on a Monday morning, as does well-loved coffee house, Idle Hands, just eight minutes away in the city’s trendy Northern Quarter.

The facilities have also been carefully implemented to ensure everyone working there has exactly what they need throughout the day. We’re talking phone booths, bike storage, shower facilities, and so the list continues.

And don’t worry, with Huckletree offering late stays (post 6pm), you’ll be able to take your day at your own pace and make use of all its remarkable facilities.

Landmark – Manchester Spinningfields

This Landmark is positioned in the heart of Spinningfields, an area that’s now occupied by swanky bars, restaurants and many other delights.

The space itself has a fresh finish, with vibrant colour schemes running throughout, not to mention the plethora of areas that are there beckoning you over.

Landmark - Manchester Spinningfields

From casual breakout spaces to more formal meeting rooms, it’s considered every scenario so you can get the vibe just right.

Colony – The Astley

This coworking space is nestled in between the Northern Quarter and New Islington, which, in 2020, was rated as one of the top ten places to live in the country by the Sunday Times. 

Colony - The Astley

With this in mind, it can’t be a bad place to work. And it’s not! Neatly kitted out with comfy pastel-coloured chairs, a host of exotic plants, along with modern (yet practical) desk areas, you’re in safe hands when you choose to work here.

The space also has top-level kitchen facilities, phone booths, and much more for you (and your dog) to enjoy.

Use.Space – Manchester

Equidistant from Manchester Piccadilly and Ardwick train stations, Use.Space is a plant haven. And the way the space is laid out only implores you to become truly immersed in the bountiful benefits greenery can have on your focus, happiness and productivity.

With a lounge-like layout, this coworking space is perfect for those looking to nestle in for some deep work in a cool and calming environment.

Use.Space - Manchester

Don’t blame us when you don’t want to leave! 

Colony – Jactin House

This coworking space, again located in between the Northern Quarter and New Islington, occupies a beautiful Victorian warehouse conversion and is stunning both inside and out.

Colony - Jactin House

Boasting a wide open coworking floor with exposed brick walls and features adding to the rustic effect, it’s a great place to pitch up for a bouji day at work. 

Colony - Jactin House

It even has its own state-of-the-art presentation suite and a rooftop terrace for the perfect outdoor meeting on one of Manchester’s warm days.

Colony - Jactin House

Clockwise – Manchester

Just off Oxford Street lies Clockwise, a bright and airy coworking space with delicately placed modern decor.

Clockwise - Manchester

Spread across multiple floors, it has a sea of inviting coworking spaces and private meeting rooms there for you to use. You may even choose to make use of one of its podcast studios!

Clockwise - Manchester

This is another great bet for those of you that prefer to work slightly more irregular hours, with early arrivals and late stays both options.

WorkLife – Manchester

As one of the UK’s most sustainable office space providers, Worklife is committed to creating spaces that have a positive impact on people, communities and the planet. And it shows in this location, with plants on the walls and ceilings and clear signs of sustainable sourcing on display throughout.

Worklife - Manchester

Along with these efforts, WorkLife has put equal attention into fitting out its spaces with top-level facilities for you and your team. With comfortable breakout spaces and practical meeting rooms, it’s ready for you, whatever the occasion.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s located in the heart of Manchester’s Central Retail District, and a short walk away from the gorgeous St. Annes Square!

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The Hubble Pass gives you and your team on-demand access to coworking space in over 1000 locations, and one of these wonderful cities is Manchester!

So, don’t wait around. Take a look at the other excellent coworking spaces you can book in Manchester today using the Hubble Pass.

And for those of you that are after a new HQ for you and your team, don’t worry! We have plenty of those for you to explore too.

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