The 10 Cheapest Coworking Spaces in London

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Times are tough right now, with the UK facing its longest recession in history and prices still rising across the board.

With this, people everywhere are fighting hard to cut their spending anywhere they comfortably can. This goes for employers and employees, be it through downsizing office space and/or workforce, shunning the train and cycling to work, or even frequenting the office more regularly to save on energy bills.

That said, the importance of regular interaction with your coworkers cannot be underestimated, be it for the sake of professional development, day-to-day decision making, or your wellbeing.

So, we thought we’d compile a list of the lowest-cost coworking spaces you can access in London using Hubble On-Demand, an opportunity to give your remote teams flexible access to spaces to meet, connect, and collaborate.

The Hubble Pass

But first, some important context

Before we dive in, we want to offer an explanation, or a reminder, of how pricing works for Hubble On-Demand.

Hubble On-Demand runs on a credits-based system, where credits are held at company level in your central pot. You can use these credits to book coworking spaces, private day offices and meeting rooms by the hour.

Below you’ll find a rough guide of how many credits you’ll need, but all of the spaces featured in this blog cost between 1 and 4 credits per person per day, meaning you’ll only ever be spending between £5 and £20.

And just like the product itself, payment options are very flexible with Hubble On-Demand. Here are the two options you can choose from: Pay-As-You Go or a Monthly Plan. Here’s a break down:

The best thing about Hubble On-DEMAND, especially in uncertain economic times, is that you only pay for what you use, meaning there’s zero commitment, zero limitations and zero waste. That’s right, you can:

  • Add an unlimited number of users 🚀
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time ⛓
  • Avoid hidden fees 🤝
  • Roll unused credits over 🧮
  • Enjoy a simple payment process 🧾

Now that’s all cleared up, let’s get to it.

Bubba Oasis

Price: 1 credit per person, per day

Bubba Oasis, just five minutes away from Angel station on foot, is a quirky coworking space on beautiful Upper Street, with a laid-back café vibe and a range of seating options for you to choose from depending on the task at hand.

Bubba Oasis

Not only that, it has its own glorious outdoor (and heated!) terrace for you to kick back on over lunch, or indeed after work—perfect when you need to top up the productivity tank and take a break from the screen.

It’s also pet-friendly and offers complimentary coffee and tea, meaning there’s no need to fork out for doggy day care or a Pret on your way into work!

Clockwise – Bromley

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Two minutes away from Bromley North station, you’ll find this Clockwise, a state-of-the-art coworking space situated in Bromley’s iconic Old Town Hall.

Clockwise - Bromley

The neo-Georgian spectacle still boasts its wide, ornate windows and glorious domed roof, which somehow pair perfectly with the 70s furnishings that fill the space.

If this space looks like a bit of you, you’ll be pleased to know you can arrive any time from 8:30am and leave at 6:00pm (or later), making it a great bet if you’re wanting to get the most out of Hubble On-Demand! You could even utilise the on-site bike storage and showers to save on the commute as well.

Scratch Hub – Battersea Arts Centre

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Eight minutes away from Clapham Junction lies Scratch Hub – Battersea Arts Centre, a pet-friendly coworking space with a rustic, industrial feel.

Scratch Hub - Battersea Arts Centre

Alongside its charming appearance, it’s kitted out with cracking kitchen facilities, bike storage, printing equipment and outdoor space where you can enjoy your free tea or coffee on a sunny day.


Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Nestled between Aldgate and Liverpool Street stations is artsy coworking space, Benk&Bo. It’s industrial, it’s full of plants, and it’s been really carefully kitted out with gorgeous furnishings and lighting.


If you’re looking to pitch up somewhere a little bit different for a day of work, Benk&Bo is certainly a good place to start—with its prime central location, outdoor space, and the option of early arrival for you (and your pets).

My Office Club – Lewisham

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Pet-friendly My Office Club is five minutes away from Lewisham station and it offers a plush and modern coworking experience for all.

My Office Club - Lewisham

With enormous windows welcoming in plenty of natural light, plus its wide range of seating arrangements, it’s ready for any vibe. Whether you prefer a laid-back breakout area or a more traditional desk setup, both are options.

You’ll also have access to phone booths, kitchen facilities and bike storage when working here. Oh, and a foosball table!

Clockwise – Wood Green – Greenside House

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Just four minutes from Wood Green station is the bright and airy Clockwise – Greenside, featuring a wonderful array of Scandi furnishings, pastel colour schemes and a real display of architectural innovation throughout.

Clockwise - Wood Green - Greenside House

From the enormous stairwell that’s beautifully wrapped with ivy, to the spectacular roof terrace with awe-inspiring views, it’s a great place come to work and get inspired, be it on your own or with your team.

And again, this space offers everything you’ll need for the perfect day at work—early arrival, late stay, bike storage, shower facilities, phone booths, the all important coffee and tea, and more!

Cobalance Cafe

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Five minutes away from Shoreditch High Street station, you’ll find pet-friendly Cobalance Cafe, a cosy coworking cove in the heart of swanky Shoreditch.

Cobalance Cafe

Full of character, with exposed brick walls, plump sofa seating and modern, ergonomic desk setups, it’s a great place to settle into when you’re looking to knuckle down for the day or cram in some calls, with phone booths there for the taking.

It’s a great coworking space when you’re on a budget too, with its early arrival and late stay options again enabling you to really make those credits work hard for you. There’s also even a nice outside area for you to enjoy with your coffee, so you can take the day at your own pace and keep your setting fresh!

The Office at SW15

Price: 3 credits per person, per day

Six minutes away from East Putney station, and within close proximity to the River Thames, lies The Office at SW15. More traditional in its layout, with wide desks and ergonomic office chairs, it’s a great place to come when you’re looking to do some deep work.

The Office at SW15

Alongside its traditional desk layout, it offers many of the classic features you know and love. We’re talking showers, kitchen facilities, a bar, pet-friendly space and more. And you have the option to stay beyond 6pm if you really want to make the most of your day coworking.

easyHub – Park Royal Works

Price: 3 credits / person / day

Park Royal Works, nine minutes away from Hanger Lane, offers a simple yet enjoyable coworking experience, with the crisp and clean layout enabling you to work in a pristine environment.

easyHub - Park Royal Works

It’s clear that this coworking space has recognised and embraced the must-haves for coworking spaces, welcoming in plenty of natural light to boost productivity and offering the all important coffees and teas to keep you going, along with kitchen facilities.

BizSpace – Camberwell Lomond Grove

Price: 4 credits / person / day

Pet-friendly Bizspace – Lomond Grove is a bold and bright coworking space, just over 10 minutes away from Camberwell station, in what was once a fully-functional bakery surrounding a quaint courtyard.

BizSpace - Camberwell Lomond Grove

With eclectic colour schemes blended with the traditional Victorian architectural features that are still evident today, it’s a motivating space for creatives to work in and another great bet for early risers, with arrival from as early as 8:30am an option!

Work from anywhere, anytime with Hubble On-Demand

Keen to enjoy on-demand access to coworking spaces, meeting rooms, private day offices and event spaces in over 1000 locations worldwide? You can with Hubble On-Demand!

With some of our coworking spaces costing just 1 credit per person per day, Hubble On-Demand unlocks your ability to work from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re after a space to work solo or with the wider team, Hubble is here to make hybrid working easy and help you manage your office spend in a way that’s secure and flexible in uncertain times.

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