London Sock Company x HubbleHQ: Finding a Flexible Office Solution

Lucy O'Connor
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We caught up with Ryan Palmer, Co-Founder of our favourite sock company, to find out how he and his team are getting on in their new office in Farringdon.

Back in December, we helped Ryan find a new home for his business. Ryan was facing the same positive challenge that many founders face: growth. His team was rapidly expanding and he needed a flexible, high growth office solution.

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What is your vision for the company?

Ryan: We want to build a global brand that inspires confidence and self-belief for its community of wearers all around the world. Putting on a great pair of socks in the morning has the power to transform not only your style but your state of mind. We want people to embrace their personality and be inspired to be the best version of themselves when they wear our socks.

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What challenges were you experiencing that made you decide to use HubbleHQ?

Ryan: Our challenge was a very positive one: growth. Our continued 2x revenue growth year-on-year combined with our ever-growing, fantastic team meant we needed a new space to meet our needs. We wanted to find a hub to foster our team’s creativity and progress so that we can continue to expand and conquer the market. 

How are you and your team liking your new office and neighbourhood?

Ryan: We are all absolutely loving it. Our new office is situated in Exmouth Market in Farringdon, the area is really vibrant and has a great, creative buzz about it. It is also conveniently central, so our team can get to work from their various corners. The office itself is great, it is open and spacious, with huge windows and plenty of natural light. The communal roof terrace is also a big hit – summer meetings will never be the same.

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What stood out for you about HubbleHQ?

Ryan: The wide selection and variety of options, the simplicity of use and the excellent customer care that came with it. 

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What’s next for London Sock Company?

Ryan: Our focus is going to be on continuous refinement across all areas of the business. We have exciting plans for new product categories and we want to strengthen our position in the US as well as encourage growth into wider international markets. 


Thanks, Ryan!

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