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Varun Bhanot
Varun Bhanot|

We sat down with Gaby Hersham, CEO of Huckletree, who took us behind the scenes of one of London’s most exciting new coworking spaces: The Alphabeta Building.

We were awe-struck by what we saw in there—an indoor cycling ramp, basketball court and chic auditorium. It is little wonder that The Londonist has dubbed it “the future of London workspace”. Here’s the inside story:

Why did Huckletree pick this particular building? 

We felt that AlphaBeta was the perfect choice for our second location. Being at the very intersection of Shoreditch and the City is an ideal location, both for innovations stemming from the creative class of Shoreditch and the Fintech-oriented Square Mile. On top of that, we all instantly fell in love with the building and the ecosystem inside it.

Who designed it?

We had been searching all across London (and Europe!) for the perfect architects for our second building – but the very first moment we walked into AlphaBeta we knew that the only architects we wanted to work with were Studio RHE, who did the entire building. Our thought process was that a team who could come up with the idea for a bike ramp, get it green-lit, and execute on it so well were exactly the team we wanted for Huckletree.


Does the furniture or facilities reflect a certain feel or design? 

We feel that Huckletree has grown up, and it was important to us that this evolution be visible in the design of our second space. We also set out to do something different than the industrial feel we’ve all seen many times over in other shared workspaces. Huckletree‘s own personality is what needed to shine through – and we think we’ve achieved just that – whilst being true to our sustainable roots. You’ll notice that one of our favourite spots to think and create in the new space is our Potting Shed – breakout space amidst a living wall of plants in copper planters.


What benefits or resources will people who share space with you have access to?

 Asides from everything we offer inside Huckletree (including weekly events and workshops, weekly meditation, an amphitheater for 100, a classroom for up to 50 and an incredible community of quite literally the most interesting people in London), our members also have access to the facilities that the building itself offers. The bike ramp, of course, the basketball court, beautiful roof terraces, a coffee shop at reception and the most incredible ecosystem. 

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What does this space do/have that other spaces might not?

It’s just fresh. Totally different from other shared workspaces! 

What are the types of companies that the space would be perfect for?

 There are lots of companies who think that the space would be perfect for them, but as the team behind it it’s very important that we curate the community mix carefully. We always say that we don’t have an ideal type, but everyone who has already joined is doing something new – so I guess that’s what we like! The space is perfect for anyone who wants to be inspired on a daily basis. It’s really that simple.

alphabeta3 What do you like about the surrounding area?

Well, we’re a 3 minute walk from Old Street Roundabout if that helps put your finger on it. So obviously there you’ve got the likes of Shoreditch Grind for those in need of potent caffeine. 

For grub, we recommend the food trucks that have appeared right in front of our door, the food market behind Old Street or just a good old sandwich to be eaten in Finsbury Square itself on a sunny day. 

We have really good coffee. But that’s a given 🙂 

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