The HubbleHQ Remote Work Hub: Resources on Adapting to WFH

Lucy O'Connor
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Businesses around the world are telling their employees to stay at home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. While this won’t be a major change for some, for many it’s an unfamiliar concept—and it’s understandable that businesses find themselves daunted by the prospect of a whole company shifting to this way of working; dealing with tech glitches, remote communication, and cabin fever.

That’s why we’ve created the HubbleHQ Remote Work Hub, the definitive source for all things remote work-related. From invaluable insights to best practices, the hub aims to provide support and solace for those adapting to this major transition.

In it, you’ll find information on:

  • Remote communication and collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Physical and mental wellbeing (plus links to free fitness and yoga apps for the whole team to enjoy)
  • Work environment
  • Remote working resources for parents
  • Company culture and staying sociable
  • Office space strategy
  • Remote onboarding

And so much more… If this could be of use to you or anyone you know, click on the link below and share it to your heart’s desire. We will continually be updating the hub with new resources, updated best practices, and information relating to any changes regarding COVID-19.


Our vision at HubbleHQ is a world where everybody has the right workplace to succeed—and if that happens to be your living room, armchair, or kitchen table right now, then we’re here to ensure that is still the case.

We are fully committed to helping individuals and businesses through these difficult times. We understand that your office rent is typically one of your biggest outgoings, and our expert advisors can help you find temporary, flexible office space, give free advice on your pending lease, contract renewals, and more. If there is anything we can do to help, please give our team a call: +44 20 3868 5610Or find out more information below:


If you’re working remotely due to COVID-19, we’d love to hear about your experiences. If you could take 5 minutes to fill in this questionnaire, we’d be extremely grateful.

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