How HubbleHQ’s Data is Revolutionising the Office Industry [VIDEO]

Lucy O'Connor
Lucy O'Connor|

Old Street

Here at HubbleHQ, we eat, sleep and dream in data. Why? Because when it comes to office search, knowledge is superpower.

And we’ve got more data on flexible office space than anyone else in London. This data is invaluable. It helps our customers find the perfect office for their business. And it also helps property owners and operators build the right spaces to attract clients in the fiercely competitive London market. So we’ve chosen to share it with the world. 

In 2019, we launched the HubbleHQ data service, which supplies monthly and quarterly reports on supply and demand trends across the key London markets. Our Data Gurus can also assist with ad hoc requests for specific data when clients are faced with key investment and planning decisions. 

Here’s an example of how our data helped two of our host clients, Techspace and British Land, make informed decisions about their pricing strategies, positioning, investment and the amenities to deploy in their office spaces.   

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