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We’re very excited to announce that we now list customisable managed office space on our platform, alongside the thousands of serviced and leased workspaces already on offer. This makes HubbleHQ the first place where businesses can easily find and compare all types of workspaces in one single, easy-to-use platform.


As pioneers in the flexible office industry, our mission at HubbleHQ is to enlighten businesses to all the options that are available to them, allowing every team to make an informed decision on the best office for their needs. The decision to list customisable offices on our platform is the next stage in this process, and it highlights the evolution currently taking place in the industry, with more and more companies looking to scale and evolve whilst retaining flexibility.


We’re delighted that one of the providers that you can now find and compare through the site is Knotel, the global bespoke office space company who launched in London in 2018. We sat down with their team to get the lowdown on who they are, what they do, and just what it is that makes their offering so powerful.

Can you tell us a bit about Knotel?

Knotel is the world’s leading flexible workspace provider that gets, fits, fills, and manages space for customers. Knotel caters to established and growing companies, giving them the freedom to focus on their business, culture and people. With over 4 million square feet across 200+ locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston, London, Berlin, Paris, Dublin and Sao Paulo, Knotel is transforming commercial real estate and moving companies forward.

Check out Knotel’s London listings here

What does Knotel offer that’s different to a serviced office provider?

We source office space based on each customers’ individual needs, and design the workspace as such. When one walks into a Knotel space, it should feel proprietary to their own company brand – we operate, maintain, and manage the workplace, completely behind the scenes. Knotel also has the ability to scale swiftly, and we continue to create in-house systems to accelerate sustainable build-out and construction.


OTRO recently used HubbleHQ to find their new office, and they chose Knotel. Could you tell us more about the process and what it involved?

Our Star Club, who are now called OTRO, had a requirement for 35 workstations on short notice after successfully raising a round of funding. They needed a tailored office where they could host football celebrities with privacy. HubbleHQ contacted Knotel with their On Demand product in mind; looking for space for OTRO to move into within a week. Knotel was able to meet this requirement and move OTRO into a branded and tailored workspace at 45 Whitfield Street within 5 days of signing. Knotel then adapted with OTRO’s changing needs: completing full customisation of the office over time as their brand changed and the requirements grew.


What kind of businesses can benefit from Knotel’s offering?

The company was founded to give businesses the flexibility and speed to scale on their own terms – from high-growth startups to top-tier enterprise clients.

Knotel’s UK customers include Airtasker UK, Domo Europe, LMnext (, and Twilio.

Some of the benefits of Knotel’s flexible workspace offering are:

  • Priced space by square footage of floor plate
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Modular layouts that can adapt and scale
  • Tailored design space that supports each company’s business strategy
  • Data-driven insights to offer total brand and culture consistency and efficiency
  • Workspace optimisation to drive employee productivity and engagement


What sets Knotel apart?

Knotel is the fastest growing flexible workspace provider in the world – and with good reason. The company offers clients tailor-made, agile workplace solutions that make managing real estate less time-consuming and more transparent.

Flexible workspaces are created for individual companies and reflect their own brand and are tailored for their specific preferences – Knotel does not market its corporate culture to clients. Knotel employs a wide range of experts for finding, outfitting, and designing space to meet clients’ particular business objectives and corporate culture. All Knotel spaces are tailored to the needs of each individual company by an in-house team of architects, interior designers, and workplace strategists – so that they can focus on building their business and not worrying about real estate.


Furthermore, Knotel is also a valuable partner for brokers seeking flexible office solutions for clients as they scale, and strengthens landlords’ portfolios by offering flexible office space to absorb vacancy and improve cashflow.

How is Knotel working with HubbleHQ?

Knotel has rapidly grown its London footprint since acquiring its first site in London in 2018. A key part of our strategy involves establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with brokers. HubbleHQ has embraced the idea of client clarity across the board, which falls directly in-line with Knotel’s focus on enabling brokers to maintain relationships with the entirety of their clients — even after signing on a space.

HubbleHQ was quick to understand the unique elements of the Knotel business model, namely full-floor, self-contained units, fully managed and customised to client requirements. As a result, HubbleHQ was refreshingly open to the idea of adapting the way that Knotel spaces are listed online to emphasise our key differentiators. Not only has this assisted in communicating our offering succinctly, it has also helped identify suitable clients earlier in the sales cycle.

Search results Hubble

Knotel leverages a team of in-house architects, designers, and workplace strategists. HubbleHQ has successfully implemented this integral element of our product into their communication of our service, ensuring that each client has a truly consultative, bespoke service.

What’s on the cards for Knotel in the future?

Knotel is committed to driving innovation and scaling to meet customers’ global workspace necessities.

Knotel’s overall London footprint covers 240,000 sq. ft across 18 locations, supporting high-growth start-ups and enterprises alike – planning to increase its offering to around 500,000 sq. ft by year end. The company is also launching in Ireland soon, with a view to reach 200,000 sq feet by year end.


Knotel recently rolled out “Geometry,” a subscription service allowing businesses to rent furniture for a monthly fee, giving them the freedom to change up their workspaces when trends go out of style or they have new needs. Geometry offers a range of modular, architectural office products that are empowering enterprises to operate without the burden of physical ownership and providing the flexibility needed to adapt to a rapidly evolving work environment.

Check out Knotel’s listings on HubbleHQ here, or search the whole platform below:

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