Find Your Next Office with Hubble…& Get Free Access to a Global Network of Coworking Spaces

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

Thinking about using Hubble to find your new office? You’re in luck! We’re now giving all of our HQ customers free Hubble Pass credits—so that as well as having an amazing new office, you and your team can access high-quality, on-demand workspace, wherever they are.

What is the Hubble Pass?

The Hubble Pass is your all-access ticket into hundreds of the very best coworking spaces around the world—from London, Lisbon and Los Angeles. With it, your employees can access top-quality workspaces across 1000+ locations (and counting!) via one flexible membership.

How many free credits will we get?

So, how does it work once you’ve secured an HQ with Hubble? We’ll load two free Pass credits, per desk, onto your Hubble account every month for the first year of your tenancy or until you move out

You can also add to your free credits by purchasing extra ones whenever you need them.

And if you need access to workspaces in cities where we currently don’t have coverage, just let us know and we can source it for you. 

What can we spend credits on?

Five credits, on average, will get you 1 day of flexible coworking at one of our hundreds of incredible workspaces, as well as private day offices. You can also book meeting rooms or unique event spaces from just eight credits per hour.

So let’s put this into perspective: if your new office space has 40 desks, your team will enjoy: 

  • 80 credits per desk, every month

With that, you can book on-demand coworking space for just about anything; from brainstorming to company away days, near home or across the pond—the choice is yours. 

What if we don’t use all the credits in the month?

No stress. We’ll roll over any unused credits, so you don’t have to worry about wastage. All you need to do is enjoy the benefits of working flexibly and in a way that suits you and your team—at no extra cost.

Interested in a Pass subscription for your team anyway? We can help you unleash your team’s ability to work anywhere, anytime.

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