Transforma Travel Group x Hubble: Finding Flexible Working Balance with a Part-Time Office

The Hubble Team
The Hubble Team|

A behind-the-scenes look at how Transforma Travel Group, a leading adventure tours and school trips provider, embraced a part-time office strategy for its 18-person London-based flexible team.  

  • Using Hubble’s office search, Transforma Travel Group secured two part-time offices, creating dedicated spaces for their team to connect and collaborate effectively.
  • The division of their team into a 14-person and a 5-person part-time office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays strikes a balance between remote flexibility and valuable in-person collaboration.
  • Steering clear of conventional long-term leases, Transforma Travel Group has gained greater workspace flexibility and saved 50% compared to the cost of taking the space full-time.

Transforma Travel Group’s dedication to maintaining a healthy work-life balance for its team

Transforma Travel Group has always prioritised workplace flexibility. 

“Transforma Travel Group is the parent company of three brands ”, says Alex Seigel, CEO of Transforma Travel Group.

“All three — The Dragon Trip, The Learning Adventure, and The Coyote Trip — operate on a very flexible work approach.” 

“Our aim is to prioritise work-life balance for our whole team. This is because productivity, creativity, and results are at our highest when our people feel rested and comfortable to be themselves”. 

As part of these efforts, Transforma Travel Group has always given its team the flexibility to work from home. But over the years, they’ve provided their employees regular in-person collaboration and team-building opportunities so they can feel like part of the wider team.

Before they came to Hubble for a part-time office, Transforma Travel Group was primarily using on-demand coworking spaces. These are desks in a shared space that you can book by the day. 

However, the team grew rapidly over the past year, so they were keen to find a more private but still flexible space that gave them the additional space they needed. This is where a part-time office solution came in.

The hunt to find a perfect part-time office that suits their needs

Finding the ideal office space for your team is a feat that takes work. From budgeting to understanding teams’ preferences, there’s much to consider before deciding.

But while opting for a part-time office takes the pressure off slightly, in that contracts are monthly rolling, you want to make sure you pick something that really aligns with your needs. 

With this in mind, Transforma Travel Group chose two part-time offices at Work.Life, Bermondsey. 

“We were located in Bermondsey previously, so we had already been aware of Work.Life Bermondsey and its outstanding reputation”, says Alex Seigel.

“When we toured the space with Hubble, we immediately realised it’d be a great fit — not just in terms of the space and its facilities, but also with how well we resonated with the values of the Work.Life team.” 

Transforma Travel Group chose two part-time offices within Work.Life: a 14-person office and a 5-person office. Both spaces are used by the entire London team so that teams across the brands can truly meet and work together.

“As a travel company, we often have team members abroad either leading tours, attending conferences, or scouting the best new attractions for our itineraries”, says Alex.

This means that, sometimes, not all of our team members are in London or even in the UK for our weekly in-person days.” 

“By having the two office spaces, we have the option to use the smaller 5-person office as our own meeting room or breakout space, becoming a hub of collaboration and creativity.”

The team also takes advantage of the other desks within Work.Life, such as their silent coworking area and soundproof call booths, ensures they always have what they need.

Different spaces for different tasks for different people

“The rhythm of the in-person days is vastly different to that of days where we work remotely, providing great variety within the working week”, says Alex Seigel.

“Our in-person days tend to prioritise training, creative thinking, and brainstorming — and not to mention, facilitating our weekly team games!”. 

“On the other hand, when working from home, we are able to take on tasks that require a little extra concentration — as well as prioritising virtual meetings with our colleagues based internationally”. 

Overall, Transforma Travel Group are thoroughly enjoying their part-time office at Work.Life Bermondsey. “The coffee, sweet treats, and the weekly ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ have been a particular hit with the team”, says Alex Seigel.

“Hubble’s help finding and securing this office space made the process easy and stress-free.”

Part-time offices are beneficial for balancing flexibility and team culture 

Transforma Travel Group is truly reaping the benefits of having part-time space. Without the need for a full-time office for its entire team, the company is spending half the amount it would spend on a permanent office. 

It also means that the team can balance working from home and working in person with colleagues, which benefits both productivity and culture.

“With members of our team commuting into London from areas such as Brighton and Hull, having a set number of in-person office days makes hybrid working both financially and logistically viable.” 

“Renting a part-time office has proved to be the ideal middle ground — allowing for all the flexibility that remote working provides, while maintaining the strong, positive team culture that we value so greatly”, says Alex Seigel.

If you’re looking to balance flexibility and team culture like Transforma Travel Group, consider the benefits of a part-time office. Reach out to Hubble for expert guidance and find the perfect workspace for your team’s needs!

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