How to Decorate Your Office for Maximum Productivity

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Not every office space breeds productivity, and not every office space is well decorated to support the working needs of the people it supports. Nowadays, we spend almost a third of our lives working from our offices, but our surroundings aren’t always the most welcoming. It’s no surprise that productivity goes hand-in-hand with happiness. But while you can’t change everything about where you work, one of the best ways to improve how happy you are at work is to change your surroundings.

We’ve talked before on the topic of reducing your levels of stress in the workplace. This time, the topic we’ll broach is how to decorate your office space in London for better productivity. Today, in the UK, a staggering third of people are unhappy with their jobs. However, despite this, one way that always works is to brighten your surroundings. A simple face-lift can work wonders in lifting your mood while you work, improving your productivity, and making your everyday work hours more enjoyable. If you’re looking for professionals to take care of decorating your office for maximum productivity, check these guys out.

These are some of our favourite ways to liven up your office space in London for maximum productivity.


Make your space a little more colourful


The best offices to rent in London are often bright and welcoming.

Colours have their ways in making us feel better, and incorporating them into your everyday office surroundings can be a great way of motivating us. While not all of us are in a position to simply paint the colours of our office spaces, that doesn’t mean we can’t influence our surroundings anyways. One way that is always available to us is to incorporate a bit of colour to our workplace using trinkets, photos, and posters. Our bodies are hot-wired to associate certain colours with certain feelings, and you can take advantage of that by placing these colours around your desk.

Blue is a stabilising and calming colour and helps you remain focused on task.

Red gives you energy, increasing your heart rate and blood flow, making it great for work that requires physical activity.

Green is a colour that is suitable for long hours. It doesn’t wear on the eyes and keeps you calm, efficient, and focused all at once.

Yellow is bright and happy, helping the creatives of our office spaces with their creations.

Think which colour would suit your work the most, and get creative with how you incorporate it onto your workspace. You could frame your pictures in it, keep a stress toy in that colour, or whatever suits your fancy and decorating needs.

Go green


While it’s popular now to be economically aware and decorate your office space in plants, the effects of keeping plants growing is becoming better and better known. Studies have shown that being around plants improves our psychological health. They also do a good job of improving the air quality around us and even provide a whole host of additional benefits, including reduction of stress levels, improving our ability to sit for long hours at once, and increasing our productivity.

Offices to rent all over London have started taking the green angle seriously and fill their coworking spaces with plants. Working with plants is easy and can be managed even with very limited amounts of space. Plants like aloe, spider plants, ivy, or cacti are all good choices, and can be placed in very small pots that you can keep on your desk. The best part about plants such as this is that they require minimal care and can be kept safely through the weekend without the worry that they might expire while you’re away.

Let there be light (or not, depending on what you prefer)


Lighting is an incredible mood changer. It can completely change the atmosphere of your office space. The wrong lighting can be devastating for your productivity.

The first step is to choose the right office. Modern offices know of the importance of light and design the space where people work to take advantage of the day’s natural light.

However, if you are already working in an office that has less than optimal lighting, you still have ways to improve your lighting situation. Consider purchasing a lamp for your work desk. Stores nowadays can offer some very unique light bulbs that can replicate the effects of sunlight. If you’re a fan of salt lamps, putting one on your desk is also a great way to light up the area while providing you with additional benefits throughout the workday.

Ditch the clutter


Some of us are neat freaks, but even people who are highly organised can get messy over time, keeping too many things on our desk that we don’t need. A clear desk equals a clear head, which can help when you’re tackling big projects. It can help lower your levels of stress and up your levels of productivity, since everything you need is within easy grasp and you’re not digging through clutter to find it.

While keeping your desk clean isn’t a way to decorate, per se, it is still something that can provide the same benefits that your favourite picture or a plant does. You’ll find that you can focus better, work longer without getting tired, and be generally more productive throughout the day.

Make it picture perfect (for you)


One of the best ways to make yourself more at home while you’re working is to add a touch of personalisation. Pictures are great for this. Putting your favourite picture on your desk that you can see every day can be a quick and easy way to relax. It makes going to the office more like being at home, which does wonders for your comfort levels and thus your productivity.

What picture you put up depends on you, but it should be something that brings you joy. In addition, a good picture can also help you connect with the people around you. A picture is worth a thousand words, and what pictures you put up can also help portray your character to your coworkers. It’s quick, easy, and offers a whole host of benefits in allowing you to feel comfortable, portray yourself to those you work with and improve your overall working productivity.


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