Three Key Ways to Boost Your Employer Brand

Guest Post
Guest Post|

by Aoife Geary, Content Lead @ Jobbio

It takes the right kind of people to build the best companies. But it’s not always easy to find them. There are a multitude of companies vying for the same talent – so if you want to beat your competitors, you need to stand out. The question is, how?

Answer: by focusing on your employer brand. 



What is your employer brand?

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room and it’s defined by a number of elements. What makes your company a special place to work? What’s your culture like? What is your mission? What are your values? What kind of people excel in your team?

Defining your employer brand and getting it in front of the right audiences can be a tricky endeavour. But it needn’t be. 

Three key ways to nail your employer branding:  

Focus on the workspace

There are many elements that make up your company culture and employer brand but one that’s often overlooked is the physical workspace. Candidates are becoming more in tune with how their physical work environment can affect their productivity, creativity and morale. 


Investing in your office and facilities can significantly improve employee experience. It can also prove a real draw to potential candidates looking for their next role. It might sound obvious but now more than ever people are seeking out comfortable, modern working environments. You don’t need to have champagne on tap and VR headsets in the boardroom, but getting the basics right can be a real boon to your employer brand.

Think about how your workspace is optimised for collaboration. Are there breakout areas for teams to socialise or even have working sessions? To facilitate better communication and creativity it’s important to incorporate open areas into your office design. A cohesive team produce better work so be sure you’re giving them ample opportunity to come together.

To get even more granular ensure you have high speed wifi, comfortable furniture and excellent coffee making facilities. Plants can also be a good addition to an office space that may be otherwise devoid of colour or texture. 

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Leverage content

It’s not enough to tell the world why you’re an employer of choice, you need to show them. Create engaging content that showcases your team, office space and personality as a brand. Jobseekers want to learn more about who you are as a company from your people, not your mission statement. Offer talent real insight into life at your company with video, blog and photo content. 

Even if you don’t have the budget for a suite of videography, there are other avenues you can explore. One quick win is to promote your employees on social media. Introduce the world to your team by posting images and quotes from your employees on your social. 

You could conduct Twitter Q&As with some of your team or even run monthly Instagram takeovers where a specific team or employee posts stories for the day. 

Put your people front and centre


Who better to attract great people to your company than your current team? They’re more than just spokespeople for your company culture, they are your company culture. A testimonial from a potential colleague means a lot more than from your CEO, so whatever platforms you’re leveraging, let your team do the talking. Encourage them to be candid about their experience working in the company. Don’t try to control or sanitise the message. Employer branding is about giving an authentic view of who you are as an employer, so don’t sugarcoat it!

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