Hot-desking options in Manchester

Hanna Mansson
Hanna Mansson|Updated April 20th 2018

The co-working revolution is well and truly on its way to Manchester. With at least 200,000 square feet of new office space expected in the city centre before the end of 2017, there’s never been a better time to try out hot desking, Manchester style.

Hot desking in Manchester

The trend has already transformed the London property scene over the past two years and is now looking to make similar waves in Manchester, with the likes of Headspace Group – an exclusively London-based co-working facility until now – choosing Manchester as the location for its first co-working space outside of the capital. Their brand new 15,000 square feet site opened on Mount Street, Albert Square in January this year, and it’s the first of many due in 2017.

So what are the benefits of hot-desking?

If you’re new to the whole idea of co-working then you’ll want to know how it can benefit you. Well, if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or heading up a start-up business then it can do wonders for your productivity and new business opportunities. Rather than spending all day working alone at home or in a coffee shop where it’s easy to get distracted, you can spend your time surrounded by like-minded professionals in a dedicated co-working space. Best of all, with hot desking, there’s no commitment – you just turn up, pay for your time and get to work.

Hot desks in Manchester

With the number of co-working spaces exploding in the city centre, we take a look at some of our favourite options for freelance workspace Manchester-wide.

Colony: Jactin House – Hood Street

Rent hot desk in Manchester

The people running Colony have based the space on one goal: a workspace designed for getting things done. Fantastically located around the old mills, this thriving area is full of independent coffee shops and excellent lunch choices. This space is perfect for freelancers, creatives, makers and startups who want to work in a focussed yet fun environment.

Hot desks are £250 per month – enquire now

Northern Quarter Coworking – Luna Street

Hot desks in Manchester

This is a lovely and creative coworking community right in the middle of Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter. Apart from the tight community and creative atmosphere tenants enjoy super fast internet, a lovely kitchen and a great breakout area for chill, work or chat.

Very affordable at £130 month – enquire now

Beehive Lofts – Jersey Street

Hot desks in Manchester

Image Credit: Beehive Lofts

Now this is exactly the kind of thing we had in mind. Prepare to see your productivity levels rocket in this shared workspace set in a spacious, converted loft. Focusing on community, collaboration and member well-being, there’s fabulous views, brand new furniture, pool tables, breakout and meeting spaces to compliment your hot desk.

Membership starts from £250 per month for an all-inclusive hot desk – enquire now

spaceport – Lever Street

Rent hot desk in Manchester

Image Credit: Spaceport

Billing itself as Manchester’s home for tech entrepreneurs and start-ups, this vibrant co-working space in the Northern Quarter wants to be a point of contact within the tech community at large – perfect if you’re a freelancer looking to explore new opportunities in the industry.

Membership starts from £40 per month for a hot desk with 20 hours access

Headspace Group – Mount Street

Rent a hot desk in Manchester

Image Credit: Headspace

Their first co-working space outside of London, Headspace want this brand new site to become the focal point for Manchester’s creative community. Comprising of a mix of private offices and co-working spaces there’s a host of additional facilities on offer here too, including a nap room, meeting rooms, work booths, bars, showers and a 60-person event space.

Unlimited access to a hot desk costs £199 per month, with reduced membership available for £30

Workplace – Oxford Street

Find Hot desks in Manchester

Image Credit: Workplace

This cost-effective and stylish workspace offers hot-desking, reserved work space and private offices to suit almost any budget. Membership provides you with a ‘lifestyle’ rather than simply access to a desk, and you’ll get access to meeting spaces, networking events, bike storage, showers and lockers.

Hot desks start from £11 per day, with membership packages tailored to meet your requirements