HubbleHQ Host Guide: How to Perform a Top-Notch Viewing

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You’ve received a viewing request through the HubbleHQ platform. Amazing! Somebody is interested in taking a look around your space. Now it’s time to tighten up the screws and ensure that the tour turns into a booking.


We help our hosts do exactly that on a daily basis – so we understand that there are many different things to think about when performing a viewing. To make the process as simple as possible, we’ve consulted Adam, our Head of Customer Success, and put together this handy guide containing some key points to think about to make your viewings go smoothly and successfully.

Pre-Viewing Etiquette

Everyone knows that first impressions count. It’s important to demonstrate that you care about your potential tenant before they’ve even turned up at your building. How about preparing a brief introductory email? Include things such as how to access the building, nearby landmarks, where they need to go when they arrive, and so on.

Think about every grey area that your visitor may encounter, and address it in a concise manner. This will allow the viewing to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible and makes your brand look super professional, friendly, and welcoming from the outset.

Arrive on Time


According to Adam, a host being late can “ruin an entire viewing” for a future tenant, making it a no from the get-go. Punctuality is key! Think of it from their point of view –  their thoughts would most likely be along the lines of: “if they can’t be punctual when I want to give them money, imagine how they’d be if I needed help with something?”

Keep the Space Clean

A common slip-up is to not to clean and tidy prior to viewing. A simple mistake to make, but a common complaint all the same. Why cover up the interior you’ve worked so hard to curate for your tenants?

Research has shown a direct link between a messy space and increased stress levels – so, it’s not the best selling point if someone’s looking for an inspirational working environment to nurture their business in. Furthermore, for many companies, their office space represents their brand, so visual presentation is a really important thing to maintain (and show off during a viewing!)

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

One of the most effective methods of understanding how to perform excellent viewing is to familiarise yourself with the customer experience. If you were on a viewing, what kind of things would you pick up on? What would you like to be highlighted, and what might put you off the space? Try to consider things that a tenant would be engaging with on a regular basis, and what sort of attention to detail may help clinch the deal for people on an actual viewing. Maybe arrange a ‘mock tour’ with one of your colleagues and get feedback from them, as well.

Stick to a Good Viewing Routine


It’s easy to assume that an office space speaks for itself; after all, you’ve worked hard to create it. So why fall short at the most crucial moment?

A great way of performing consistently excellent viewings is to internalise a routine which runs through every important topic you wish to mention. It creates a level of professionalism and depth to your viewing; all the effort you’ve gone to in every facet leading up to that point won’t go to waste. It’ll soon become second nature to consistently rattle off the routine. A few commonly asked questions by tenants are:

  • Does the space have 24/7 access?
  • What’s included in the price?
  • Are pets allowed?

You can discover more commonly asked questions in our ‘best practices’ document, which you can find in the welcome email we send to every host when they join HubbleHQ.

Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is so important in competitive property markets such as London – your personality, established relationship, and good nature with a prospective tenant is the major thing a prospective tenant can’t find elsewhere – and will make any business dealings much easier.

You want the potential tenant to have an enjoyable, positive experience which will answer as many of their questions as possible, to make the decision-making process as effortless as possible for them.

Check In with the Client (and Us)

Be sure to follow up once your viewing is done. Checking in with the client directly is the perfect opportunity to remind them of your space’s highlights, thank them for their time, and ask if they have any questions. Such a move confirms the established relationship with the client, and again, it’s a small commitment that proves you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

Don’t forget that HubbleHQ have an advisory team available to support, advise, and offer insight to hosts throughout the journey. This is a hugely valuable asset for connecting parties together during the deal process. The advice we offer is totally impartial – hosts and tenants alike can inform us on how they feel it went, and if we can help in any way at all then we are happy to.

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