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Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

Hey Hubblers!

We’ve gathered some of our favourite places to be in Hubble’s very own stomping ground in Shoreditch. In Hubble terms Shoreditch extends to The City & Aldgate which means there’s quite a bit of ground on offer. Hold on to your hats and let’s get to it!

Who works here

Overall it’s: creative, tech, media, fashion

But don’t go forgeting the City. If you wander too far south you’ll find yourself stumbling into Financial Narnia, which means you’ll find lots of FinTech companies on the fringes.

playingcards graffiti in shoreditchlook shop ycn shoreditch street

Eat, Meet & Caffeinate


Franze & Evans: lunch / coffee / cake
Franze & Evans outside seating shoreditch

Tucked to the end of fashionable Redchurch street, this brunchy spot gives off a chilled-out vibe, without the queues and noise of nearby Hoxton hotspots. The counter is close to a work of art: assembled homecooked salads, lasagnes, cakes & new combinations make it impossible to choose. We recommend…everything. It also serves sophisticated booze.

AllPress Expresso: coffee / lunch / treats

allpress espresso in shoreditch

Our genius neighbours/coffee Gods at AllPress really know what they’re doing. Re-engerize with a freshly roasted cup of Joe before work and witness how jealous everyone is as they stare at your cup of brewed perfection. We love their IOU workaround to £5 minimum spend. They also do food with a Swedish vibe.

Bird: after work wings

Bird after work wings in shoreditch

This fun, posh fried chicken joint on Kingsland Road is ideal for easy-breezy afterwork wings. Their fusion of Canadian / Asian chicken and drinks leave you wondering why the hell this hasn’t been done before.

Well & Bucket: team drinks and meet ups

Well and Bucket pub in Shoreditch

Kick back and relax with a beer and some tunes at this shabby chic bar. Complete with brilliantly atmospheric Victorian tiling reminiscent of its glory years as a rowdy, smoke-filled pub. There’s a really great selection of beers (craft, ales AND lagers) but we’ve yet to try the oysters – update coming on that one soon.

Dishoom: team breakfasts

dishoom indian restaurant in shoreditch

Quite simply there’s nothing like a bacon naan roll to start off the day. Washed down with unlimited chai you say? Yeah we do.

Korrito: lunch / working late dinner

korrito takeaway in shoreditch

Korean BBQ.

There’s only really one thing on the menu, which isn’t a problem because it’s the only thing you want. Tasty.

Nude Espresso: office hot-beverage trip / brunch

nude espresso 26 hanbury street shoreditch

Fantastic coffee, superb breakfast & a stellar brunch menu plus a consistently great soundtrack which makes it really invaluably reliable for first meetings. Nude, can you share your playlist?


The Association: coffee and cuisine

Aldgate Coffee The Association London  Architects: Herbet & Mason

Pop into this sleek establishment for a place to have a nice meet up while sipping on a fresh cup of Joe. They have a selection of delicious pastries and handcrafted sandwiches so you can always have a bite to eat with your beloved brew.

Discount Suit Company: cocktails

discount suit company cocktails

This teeny tiny hideaway bar can be found between the hoods of city slickers and the East London cool-kids, which makes for a quite a crowd on any given evening. Excellent cocktails and mood lighting makes this bar perfect for late-night drinks & dates.

The City

Taylor Street Baristas: coffee

taylor street baristas finely crafted coffee shop shoreditch

Artistically brewed and decadently textured, these Aussies craft top-notch coffee that will speak to your soul. Always buzzing but never too noisy for a quick meeting or cake break.

The Hawksmoor: cocktails

the hawksmoor cocktails

Ok, so we know it’s one of the best places to eat out in London – but so does everyone else. That’s why we’re recommending The Hawksmoor in the City as a get away bar. Forget spilling onto the streets and waiting hours for a drink, get great wine, cocktails and beers without the City crowds.

L’ Entrecôte: steak & chips

L’ Entrecôte: steak & chips

Show up at this gem (after drinks at Hawksmoor) and you’ll be given no menu, only asked how you want your steak cooked – bliss after a week of making decisions. A unique Parisian wining and dining experience. No mess no fuss just great, affordable steak.

Honourable mentions:

look mum no hands!,

St. John’s Bread & Wine,

Duck & Waffle,

The Hoop & Grapes.

Places to go, people to see

Graffiti Walls

graffiti wall with bikes

If you’re a local it’s easy to forget just how special the street art makes Shoreditch. What’s even better is that boutique businesses like Shoreditch House have embraced it whole-heartedly. We constantly see people on Grafitti tours so they must be boosting the local economy as well. What’s not to love?

Redchurch Street

Redchurch street google maps

If you want to see grown-up Shoreditch at it’s finest take a stroll down these cobbles. Aesop, APC, Tracy Neuls, HunterGather = the retail calibre. And it’s no surprise given this humble street is flanked by the Tea Building, Shoreditch House and big-hitters like Mother & Poke. God they’re a good-looking bunch.


boxpark next to shoreditch high street station

This is an effortless place for lunches, presents & window-shopping to stretch those legs. New stuff just appears and it’s (almost) always gooood. This pop-up mall offers delcious food, coffee, lifestyle shopping, and it’s always buzzing.

Spitalfields Market

spitalfields market

Browse some of the many stalls at Old Spitafields Market and you’ll probably end up with several mince pies, a vinyl record you used to listened to as a kid, and a new jumper that you definitely didn’t need but couldn’t resist.

Where’s popular to work in Shoreditch?

Try Hubble hosts like the very cool and friendly Runway East have desks at £400 per month:

Runway East have desks at £400 per month

Join larger companies like Culture Label who share their awesome space with tech start ups like Maker Labs and fashion/tech startups Nuji for £350 per month:

culture label in Shoreditch

The Studio – Shoreditch is a digital creative hub with sharing at it’s core. It’s all about helping freelancers & small businesses cut costs by sharing space and skills. Their great space by Old Street is £290 per month:

studio digital creative hub shoreditch

Moving towards Bethnal Green we’ve got the calm and spacious Winkley Street Studios. If you work best in a peaceful place this is the studio for you. Reclaimed danish furniture meets long trestled tables, with heaps of plants and a patio complete with shed. They welcome all types of coworkers at £250 per month but they also offer weekly and daily prices as well:

winkley street studios

Songkick are a great example a well-established startup keen to rent out their spare desks to early stage startups. Kind of like your older sibling looking out for you. At £350 per month you also get to use that ping pong table in between investor meetings:

songkick desks in shoreditch

That’s the Hubble Shoreditch so far! We’ll soon be updating this post with some wider Hackney recommendations in Dalston, Haggerston, Cambridge Heath & Bethnal Green.

If you want in, let us know.

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