Funzing x HubbleHQ: The Effects of Neighbourhood on a Fast-Growing Startup

Grace Chen
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We visited Funzing in their buzzy workspace in the heart of vibrant Shoreditch, we spoke to co-founder and CMO Yaron about Funzing manages their office space as an expanding startup that is frequently hiring.


About Funzing

Funzing is a marketplace for unique local experiences hosted by real people in the community who want to share their creativity and inspiration with others. Whether it’s with kids over the weekend or a romantic evening out with your partner, Funzing has memorable experiences created by the users themselves. Users can be merchants, buyers or both.

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Can you tell me a bit more about Funzing? What is it that you do and what is your vision for the company?

Yaron: Funzing is a marketplace for unique and extraordinary experiences. We’ve created a platform where people host or join authentic experiences based on the skills, knowledge, and experiences of those hosting the events. We got the idea for Funzing 4 years ago when we found ourselves bored of doing the same things repeatedly.

And so Funzing was born. We wanted to create a platform that helps people make extra income from what they love doing while giving others the chance to experience something new in their own city. Through Funzing, you can do things like learn how to cook from people’s kitchens and learn about astronomy from their backyards. We also have users who transform spaces into venues for ticketed events that allow people to tell stories and provide unique content, such as academics talking about drugs or psychologists about love.

Funzing hosts over 100 talks in London every month from inspirational speakers, journalists, TED speakers, and so on. We’re challenging classical content and taking it one step further. Today, there are over 1000 talks, workshops and tours on Funzing, all created by our users.


How are you and your team liking your office space and working in Shoreditch?

Yaron: When we started Funzing around 3 years ago as 2 people, we worked in coworking spaces around Shoreditch. As our team grew, we decided to find a serviced office that provides privacy for our team to collaborate, brainstorm, and work together. It tends to be rather loud in our office as our team members are often speaking to venues and hosts, so it was important for us to find an office that suited our needs.

Our current space is great because we’re located right in the heart of Shoreditch, where our business started. And now we have a private office which we can make our own and grow our team here.

Why did you choose to set up in Shoreditch? What attracted you to the neighbourhood?

Yaron: We always knew we wanted to be in/around Shoreditch. East London is such a hub for talented and inspirational people, so it made sense to start here.

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This isn’t the first time you’ve booked through HubbleHQ. Why did you choose HubbleHQ the first time and what made you come back?

Yaron: We like how HubbleHQ understands the specific needs of startups and provide spaces that are accommodating. We love how the HubbleHQ website is easy to navigate and there is also a wide variety of listings available.

Our previous space was perfect for what we needed at the time, with a shared kitchen, toilets, and a communal area. Now that we’ve grown up a bit, we have a more private space where we can grow our team.

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What’s next for Funzing?

Yaron: We are working on expanding. We have a community in Manchester and Bristol, and recently we went live in Singapore and Israel. Our plan is to open in several other cities in the UK and then start looking at entering the US market in the next year. We’ve just taken up another space in our current building (also through HubbleHQ) for our growing team and we have sealed a big funding round.


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