HubbleHQ Flexible Office Index: Q4 2019 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Hubble Team
The Hubble Team|

The state of the flexible workspace market in a nutshell, by HubbleHQ

In 2019, Flex and the City proved to be a game-changing guide to finding flexible office space in London. But London never stops and neither does the way its office space evolves.

That’s why this month sees the launch of the Flexible Office Index, our quarterly review of the capital’s workspace market. Whatever your interest in flexible workspace trends, the FOI will ensure you always have the latest, most insightful information to hand.


What’s in the report?

At HubbleHQ, we believe there’s real insight in the data we wield. It’s an awareness that silences all the marketing chatter (and jargon!) to highlight the realities of London’s flex space. For example:

  • Offices in Farringdon, Victoria and Oxford Circus saw the biggest discounts in Q4 2019.
  • Camden currently has a higher proportion of flexible office space than any other London borough.
  • Transaction prices in Q4 were closest to the list price in areas like Shoreditch, Old Street, King’s Cross and Holborn.
  • Right now, Victoria, Holborn and Farringdon are hotspots where searches for flex space at £500+/desk most frequently turn into viewing requests.

If these data-driven disclosures sound appealing, then there’s plenty more to discover in the report.

Who is the Flexible Office Index for?

As the Index takes a detailed snapshot of London’s flex landscape, the guide is perfect for:

  • Property investors looking to develop their strategy for 2020 and beyond.
  • Landlords and flexible office providers seeking to price competitively and pitch to the right target market.
  • Developers looking to capitalise on market hotspots.
  • Business leaders hunting down the right location for their next office move.
  • Real estate gurus looking for data they can rely on.

How do I use the Flexible Office Index?

Whether you’re an investor, developer or property owner, drill down even further with our brand new data product which takes the Index and adds in-depth supply trends and expert commentary. Basically, it’s strategic gold.


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