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Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO
Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO|

If you’ve visited our blog before you’ll probably notice that we’ve shaken things up.

We’ve completely redesigned it to help you more easily find the information you care about, show you more posts or spaces you might be interested in and to make it an all round more pleasant experience.

Here are the main changes we’ve introduced.


Blog Home Screen Screen Capture

A single image can sometimes explain a lot more than a 1000 words can. We noticed that so many of our blogs contained high quality images and we wanted to put these front and centre to give you a better taste of what a post is about before you click through.


You come to our blog for different reasons. Whether you are hoping to demystify the property industry, learn about what it is like to work in a certain location or geek out about our tech and new features. The old blog did not cater for those differences.

Hubble Blog Categories

We’ve separated our blog posts into three main categories: help guides, case studies and general blog.

Help Guides

Got a question about moving to a new office? Want to get to know an area in London better? This is your go to place.

Case Studies

Want to explore our spaces in more depth? Our case studies are an opportunity to go into the details of a space we particularly like to give you a better feel for it before you view.


This is the place to stay in the loop about our latest promotions, partnerships and updates (like this one!) This is also where we share the lessons we’ve learnt as we’ve built our startup and reveal the inner workings of our tech.

As we publish more and more content we hope to expand these categories to cover all the different things you’re interested to read about.


Our final new feature is the recommendations panel you’ll see to the right of our blog posts like the one below. We’ve made it easier to navigate to other parts of the site that are relevant to you.

a) relAted spaces

Southbank recommendation screengrab

Viewing a post about Southbank and like what you see? You can now check out offices in Southbank directly from the blog. Posts contain links to spaces you might be interested in based on the current post you’re reading.

b) similar posts

Similar Posts screengrabIf you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and made it to the end, you can now check out other posts in the same category with one click.

We hope you’re enjoying these changes, but if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions then please reach out to bc@hubblehq.com

Happy Hubbling,


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