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Today, London is a part of an ever-growing community of businesses. While the vast majority of these businesses contain less than 10 people, large businesses account for a staggering 40% of employees in London. According to London’s business statistics, a large business is any business with over 250 employees. Similarly, business considered medium size containing 50 to 249 employees account for a similarly weighty number: 12% of all employees in London. With medium and large businesses combined, over half of all London’s workers are accounted for. This number only continues to rise when small businesses (10-49 people) are included.

However, finding the right office space for companies that is both professional and able to house everyone you need can be a challenge. We all know that the right corporate office cultivates a better working culture and endears your employees to you. Happier employees are 12% more productive, so it’s always worth taking the extra time to look. London is home to thousands of unique office spaces. Whether you are looking for a place to move to or you want to establish a new office, there is no shortage of office space to go around. All you need to do is know where to look.

LEO – Broadwick Street

Location: Soho

leo broadwick street

Opening March 2018, this brand new office on Broadwick Street is situated in the centre of Soho and comes with countless amenities for a corporate company. Not only does the surrounding area full of restaurants and bars for your employees to hang out in during lunch breaks or after work, the space itself is a stunning series of office suites.

Situated on the fourth floor of the building, the space itself is perfect for any corporate company, with three whole meeting rooms fully equipped with tech, catering services, and in-house administrative support and maintenance. It’s professional, effective, and has enough space to fit even larger corporate companies.

Private office including 40 desks starting at £48,700 per month.

Finsbury Circus

Location: Central London

Finsbury Circus

The next few listings are located within London’s Business Hub. It’s the perfect location to find a executive office for a corporate company. As one of our best offerings today, Finsbury Circus is currently upgrading to the latest specs, and its collection of facilities includes 24 hour access, breakout space, printing, and a cafe for your team members to recharge in.

Other companies in this corporate office include those in the fields of media, technology, and professional services. You’ll find private offices including anywhere from two to twenty-five desks, depending on your company needs. What can we say? We like connecting companies with their rightful spaces.

Private office of 25 desk starts at £15,114 per month.

Landmark Place – Lombard Street

Location: Central London

landmark place lombard street

While located within an older, classical building, Landmark Place – Lombard Street nevertheless is an excellent choice for the modern company. This corporate office space overlooks places such as the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange. What’s inside is a collection of stunning environments meant to stimulate the creativity of a team working there. With a collection of artwork displayed on the walls of the space, you can be sure that no one in your company is bored at the surroundings of their workplace.

Amenities include cleaning services, kitchen facilities, and printing in a fully furnished office.

24 desk private office starts at £20,570 a month.

Landmark Place – Holland House

Location: Central London

landmark place holland house.png

Containing Grade A modern offices, Landmark Place – Holland House comes with a range of corporate services that make it an excellent choice for a head office in London. Located conveniently close to Aldgate and London Bridge, it’s well-connected and accessible. The space offers offices of varying sizes, ranging from 480 square feet to a massive 2,000 square feet able to easily fit fifty people inside.

Facilities in the office include IT support, meeting room access, and twin circuit resilience. Whether you’re looking for a new space, or want to establish a home office, this office space is the perfect spot for an executive company to move into.

Private office for 50 begins at £22,500/month.

The Space – St. Kat’s Dock

Location: Whitechapel

st katherine docks

Just steps away from London’s historic St. Katharine Docks, this beautiful and modern glass-fronted building situates a corporate company close by London’s iconic Tower Bridge, as well as Tower Hill and Tower Gateway stations, among a dizzying array of bears, cafes, and restaurants. The space itself offers brightly lit offices with amenities such as meeting rooms, breakout spaces, kitchens, and bike storage. It’s beautiful, professional, and invigorating for a team to work in.

The building contains offerings of space for a team of anywhere from 4 people to over 60.

3,000 square foot private office begins at £33,000/month.

Landmark – Greenwich

Location: North Greenwich

i2 greenwich.jpg

Located inside a breathtaking building just past a bend in the River Thames, this office building is perfect for a large corporate company. “The first step to greatness is location,” as the building describes itself, and the building does not disappoint. This office is sophisticated and professional. It’s close to important locations such as the financial district in Canary Wharf and the cultural centre of Stratford.

Amenities in the largest office space include three private meeting rooms, floor to ceiling windows, private WiFi for the company, and a view of Canary Wharf. Want a location that will support the company in every way? Look no further than the Greenwich Peninsula offices. (It’s our favourite too!)

Private office for 70 starts at £30,240 a month.

TOG – The Shard

Location: London Bridge


As an iconic sight to London, The Shard is a sprawling tower built to impress. Within its spacious insides, this office space is bright, creative, and offers any lucky enough to work within it splendid views across London. It’s centrally located, minutes away from the London Bridge station, allowing for easy access to the building. For businesses who want to wow their clients and showcase their prestige, The Shard is the office of choice.

Amenities within The Shard include access to meeting rooms, kitchen utilities, 24 hour access, and super fast WiFi throughout the building. Rental options include both private offices and coworking spaces.

Private offices begin at £8,000 a month.

Boutique Workplace – Blackfriars

Location: Central London


Located just north of the River Thames, this office is a refurbished space spread out across nine separate floors, all which can be a home for your business. It’s hyper-modern design offers a stunning aesthetic that can only be described as cutting edge. Equipped with a reception entrance and fresh, contemporary interiors, this private office space is perfect for any business looking for a new home.

You’ll find amenities in this office space such as access to meeting rooms, breakout space, and cleaning services. The office comes completely furnished, ready for a company to begin their work from the day you move in.

Private offices start at £4,990/month.

WeWork – Marylebone

Location: Marylebone


Located a mere two minutes away from the Marylebone station, this office to rent in London is a combination of coworking space and private offices. Suitable for any team size, WeWork has provided us with a space that is as flexible as it is unique. Like us, WeWork understands that the space a team works in is as important as the company itself, and prides themselves in their ability to cater, allowing any team to thrive in their space.

Within WeWork – Marylebone, amenities that come with the space are numerous, and include cleaning services, phone booths, printing, event space, drink services, inventory space and even more all in a completely furnished office space. With an all-inclusive month-to-month bill, WeWork – Marylebone is a space that is agile and complex, and the perfect home for a growing company.

Private office choices begin at £5,670 a month.


London is today’s growing business centre. In London itself, there are 1,519 business per 10,000 people, but the largest companies account for half of London’s number of employees by themselves. London is home to thousands of unique office spaces, all available through Hubble. It’s time we took advantage of that.

Looking for a new office space not found here? Browse thousands more through Hubble’s unique platform.


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