9 Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

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If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient meeting room in London, you’re in luck! London has a wide variety of meeting rooms for those on a budget.

And in this piece, we’ve rounded up 9 of the most affordable meeting rooms in London, all of which offer great value for your money, and are bookable via the Hubble Pass — your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspace.


Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

But before we introduce you to some of the cheapest meeting rooms in London, we want to offer an explanation, or a reminder, of how pricing works for the Hubble Pass.

The Hubble Pass runs off of a credits-based system, where credits are held at company level in your central pot. You can use credits to book coworking spaces, private day offices and meeting rooms by the hour.

Below, you’ll find a rough guide of how many credits you’ll need, but all of the meeting rooms featured in this blog cost between 5 and 10 credits per hour, meaning you’ll only ever be spending between £25 and £50.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

And much like the Hubble Pass in general, payment options are very flexible. You can either pay as you go, take on one of our monthly plans, or have our team draw up a plan that matches your exact usage requirements.

But the best thing about the Hubble Pass, especially in times of uncertainty, is that you only pay for what you use, meaning there’s zero commitment, zero limitation and zero waste. Yes, you can:

  • Add an unlimited number of users 🚀
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time ⛓
  • Avoid hidden fees 🤝
  • Roll unused credits over 🧮
  • Enjoy a simple payment process 🧾

You can even set a credit cap to ensure you’re always comfortable with what your team is spending.

Now that’s all cleared up, let’s get started.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

The Workers League – Bonhill Street

Size: Small, for 1-7 people

Price: 5 credits per hour

Handily positioned, just five minutes walk away from Old Street station, The Workers League on Bonhill Street is home to some top tier meeting rooms — and they come in cheap.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

With wide windows and glass walls, they’re bright and airy. Plus, you’ll be able to make use of the screen, whiteboard and flipchart, and there will be complimentary tea and coffee, along with catering upon request.

Citibase – Holborn

Size: Small, for 1-7 people

Price: 5 credits per hour

One minute walk away from Chancery Lane, and within close proximity to Farringdon and Holborn, this Citibase branch boasts plush facilities throughout.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

It’s also home to a multitude of cost-effective meeting rooms of varying style, all of which are perfect for brainstorming with whiteboards there for the taking!

Workspace – Fleet Street

Size: Small, for 1-7 people

Price: 6-8 credits per hour

Also close to Chancery Lane, along with Blackfriars and Temple, is Workspace on Fleet Street, a modern and mono workspace in the heart of the city.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

Simple in its design, its meeting rooms, aside from cheap, are free from distraction, and will set you up perfectly for an invigorating get together with your team, made even more invigorating by the AC, fridge with chilled water, top-flight AV equipment and more!

The Workers League – Blackheath

Size: Medium, for 8-15 people

Price: 4 credits per hour

On the corner of beautiful Blackheath Common, you’ll find The Workers League, packed with character, with its painted brick walls, modern outdoor terrace and authentic wooden beams.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

Here you’ll find a moment of true calm, with the workspace hidden away from the bustling city centre. This makes the meeting rooms a great bet for those looking to knuckle down with the team for a serious decision-making session, getting a bargain in the process!

Metre Squared – West Kensington

Size: Medium, for 8-15 people

Price: 4-6 credits per hour

Metre Squared, in the heart of glorious West Kensington, is a truly unique place to pitch up for a meeting with the team.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

With vibrant colour schemes running throughout its meeting rooms, along with wonderfully wide and wonky windows that let in plenty of natural light, it’s a great space to come and get inspired.

UNCOMMON – Highbury & Islington

Size: Medium, for 8-15 people

Price: 6 credits per hour

Located in leafy Islington, this branch of UNCOMMON is awe-inspiring in every sense of the word.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

It’s got productivity-inducing plants dotted all over, and plump cushioned sofas that implore those working there to settle down for a creative conversion wherever and whenever they please.

Although cheap, the meeting rooms are cool and creative, importantly equipped for both in-person and at-home involvement, which is growing evermore important in the world of hybrid work.

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UBCUK – Brentford – The Mille

Size: Large, for 16+ people

Price: 8 credits per hour

Over in Brentford, and not too far from Boston Manor Park, you’ll find UBCUK – The Mille. Rather traditional in its appearance, it’s a top pick if you’re looking for a no-nonsense workspace that’s ready and waiting to meet your every need throughout the working day.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

It’s also great for large groups, with its meeting rooms offering boardroom style seating, positioned with presenting in mind.

Eastside – Haggerston

Size: Large, for 16+ people

Price: 9-11 credits per hour

Eastside is five minutes away from Hoxton, and it shows. It’s edgy, it’s got white-washed brick walls, plants and vibrant colours popping up throughout.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

Its meeting room is well set up for collaboration with the wider team too, with a nice round table, comfy seating and plenty of natural light pouring in to keep spirits high and creative juices flowing.

My Office Club – Lewisham

Size: Large, for 16+ people

Price: 10 credits per hour

My Office Club, a modern yet industrial looking workspace, is just five minutes away from Lewisham station, and it’s as trendy as it gets, with exposed pipe ceilings and Scandi-style furniture filling the floor.

Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

Its meeting rooms are simpler in their design, but have everything you’ll need for a fruitful session: AV equipment to ensure those at home are just as involved as those in the room, AC to keep things fresh and comfortable, along with catering by advance request. 

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Cheap Meeting Rooms in London

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