Bryte Design x Hubble: From Viewing Request to Move-In Within 24 Hours

Grace Chen
Grace Chen|Updated February 27th 2018


Neighbourhood: Shoreditch
Desks booked: 4
Type of space: Private office

We talked to Simon at Bryte Design about how it took them 24 hours to find, view, and move into their perfect office.

About Bryte Design

Bryte Design is a UK-based entertainment design company that combines imaginative lighting design with skilled creative content production and set design to deliver visual, atmospheric, multi-dimensional show designs.

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Can you tell me a bit more about Bryte Design? What is it that you do and what is your vision for the company?

Simon: We’re a design house that designs live shows, including, but not exclusively, concerts and promotional projects. We pride ourselves in delivering the complete package; everything from designing the lighting, video and set elements of a show, to programming and delivering said show whether it is a one-off production or a world tour.

brytedesign2Some recent shows we’ve designed include a promotional event for Samsung, various concerts for Vevo including their annual Halloween concerts in Manchester and San Francisco, and the opening Gala for the Parisian hotel in Macau. All this in addition to our more regular work, concert tours across the UK, Europe and the world.

Unlike many other design houses in the industry, we don’t just do design. We delve deeper into the technical side of show production, such as the technicalities of building the stage. As it can be costly to put on a show, pre-visualisation is extremely important. We provide a detailed preview of the final product before it goes into production. This helps minimize error and the amount of work that needs to be done once the production team arrives at the show venue.

You wanted to book a space for just one month. Can you tell us a bit more?

Simon: We have a permanent office in Birmingham, however, our workforce is quite spread out—in Birmingham, Antwerp, Bath, Paris, and myself in London. In September of 2017, we had a lot of shows and meetings in London for the month, so it was best for all of us to be in the same place. Hence, we needed a short-term office in the city to ensure we all stayed on top of our schedule.

How did you find your office search through Hubble?

Simon: We had a different office booked, however, the day before we were due to move in, the landlord offered the office to a different tenant who wanted the space for a longer term. On very short notice, we called Hubble. They were friendly, helpful, and fast. It felt like a personal service—speaking with someone who genuinely wants to get you sorted. We told Hubble about our requirements and they got us in for a viewing on a space in Shoreditch.

The host was lovely, the space was great, and we were moved in within 24 hours of calling Hubble. Hubble then checked in with us afterwards to make sure that everything was going well.

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Are there any specific reasons you wanted to work in Shoreditch?

Simon: We picked Shoreditch because it’s a convenient location for most of the people who needed to be in the office every day. My personal commute was a bit further, but the location was perfect for the rest of the team. Also, Shoreditch is a great area for meeting and entertaining clients in our industry.

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What were the best features of the space you chose?

Simon: Location was our number one priority. We also loved the space because it was nice and light, and had two separate meeting rooms that could be booked without extra charge. This was convenient as we had a lot of client meetings. Also, our host was extremely friendly and there was a good, creative vibe about her and her space.


Why did you choose to find your space through Hubble?

Simon: We decided to use Hubble because a lot of other office space providers only offer spaces for longer time commitments and required working with a large property management company. We had to adhere to a budget, wanted to work with a more personal service provider, and preferred an office that was creative rather than corporate.

We’d love to set up in London again, although that plan is currently on hold as we’re investing in our Birmingham office. When we’re ready to return to London, we’ll give Hubble a call. In the meantime, we’d absolutely recommend Hubble to anyone searching for office space.


So, what’s next on the agenda for Bryte Design?

Simon: We are in the process of renovating the new office in Birmingham, building a new website and getting ready for another busy year. 2017 was the busiest of the company’s history so we’re all very excited to be able to continue that success into 2018 and beyond. We’re already designing a European tour that goes out in February, another in March and April before getting ready for what will be a typically busy summer season. We’re also looking to build the team this year to cope with the increased workload. No rest for the wicked.