Part-Time Offices: Everything You Need to Know

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In today’s dynamic business environment, the traditional office setup is undergoing a massive shift. With increasing demand for flexible and cost-effective workspace, part-time offices are emerging as a practical solution for many companies. 

But what exactly is a part-time office? And why is it becoming the preferred choice for modern businesses? This will help you understand the nuances, benefits, and potential challenges of embracing this innovative workspace model.

What is a part-time office?

A part-time office is a flexible workspace solution where two businesses collaborate, allowing them to rent an office space for select days a week, rather than the traditional full-week rental. 

Demand for shared office space has rocketed recently as over 70% of businesses find themselves paying huge amounts of money to rent an office full-time, with their team only using it 2-3 days a week.

Why are people choosing to pay for a part-time office?

The aftermath of the pandemic witnessed a shift in working dynamics. As working from home remains a popular option for many, there are a lot of businesses still paying for full-time offices that are subsequently spending money on desks that simply aren’t getting used.

Demand for more flexible workspace solutions that cater to modern needs without incurring unnecessary costs for unoccupied spaces is therefore on the rise.

SizeFull-Time OfficePart-Time Office (2 days a week)Part-Time Office (3 days a week)
75% saving50% saving
£3,000 / mofrom £750 / mofrom £1,500 / mo
£18,000 / mofrom £4,500 / mofrom £9,000 / mo
100- person£60,000 / mofrom £15,000 / mofrom £30,000 / mo
£150,000 / mofrom £37,000 / mofrom £75,000 / mo
Prices based on a Zone 1 London location.

What are the main benefits of having a part-time office?

Whether you’re hoping to cut costs, build culture, or something else, there are many clear-cut benefits that come with having a Part-Time Offices:

  1. They’re cost efficient: Part-Time Offices can cut annual office expenses by up to 75%.
  2. They’re flexible: Part-Time Offices are a perfect solution for businesses not requiring a daily physical presence, facilitating a balance between remote and on-site operations.
  3. They make prime locations more accessible: Part-Time Offices give businesses the chance to operate from sought-after locations within a feasible budget.
  4. They enable team collaboration: Teams can convene for essential meetings, enhancing teamwork and fostering company culture.

What are the main challenges of having a part-time office?

There are some components you should consider too before making your final call:

  1. Scheduling Conflicts: Sharing the space with another company means you may not always get your desired space on the days you want it. Although this is a rarity at Hubble.
  2. Storage & Personalisation: There are some limitations in place when it comes to personalising the space or storing assets.

What are the main challenges of having a full-time office?

Despite these challenges, having a full-time office isn’t always the answer. Full-time offices can come with a punchy price tag, which is financially draining, especially when underutilised. 

They’re also less flexible, with full-time offices making it more difficult to adapt to shifts in workplace trends and business needs. Hubble’s Part-Time Offices, on the other hand, are available on one-month rolling leases.

How to transition to a part-time office

So, you like the sound of Part-Time Offices and are wondering what the next steps look like.

It makes sense to begin with an audit of your current office usage and identify which days have high and low presence. From here, you can nail down whether you would like an office of your own two or three days a week, and pin down which precise days you’d want it on.

To help you along, be sure to analyse the peak operational days, factoring in team meetings, client appointments, and other critical functions.

How to make the most of a part-time office

We know this is a new concept to the working world, but with effective planning, you’ll be able to easily optimise the days you’re present to ensure maximum productivity.

Leverage technology here, using digital tools such as Asana, Clockwise and Slack for seamless remote-to-office transitions. Also, ensure that the days you choose to take your Part-Time Office work well for your employees, so attendance and productivity can be super high on those set days.

“I was at an HR networking event a few months ago and everybody was struggling with the human aspect of workspace strategy.”

Sarah Sandbrook, HR Leader,
formerly of Zalando and Deutsche Telekom

Find the perfect Part-Time Office with Hubble

You can now search for and book to view these flexible workspaces from inside the Hubble site. All you have to do is enter the location you’re interested in, or browse the map, and you’re underway.

If you have questions about any stage of the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our expert advisors who will be more than happy to assist with your query. We are here to help your team thrive.

Part-Time Office FAQs

🚀 What types of businesses does this solution suit best?

Our Part-Time Offices typically fit 3-250 employees, and we’re quickly extending our coverage.

🗓 Can I choose which days I get to use the office?

Yes, you can pick any combo of two or three days per week.

✍️ How long do I need to commit for?

You can take a Part-Time Office for as little as one month. Most offices are available on a monthly rolling contract, but some are available for longer on terms up to 12 months.

💰 What does the cost cover?

The cost covers the rental of your private office. Sometimes it will include credits to use other facilities like meeting rooms, depending on the operator.

💳 Is there a deposit to pay when taking an office?

No, there is no deposit for taking a Part-Time Office.

⏰ When should I start my search?

Part-time offices are reservable for up to one month before your intended start date.

📦 Can I leave my stuff in the office?

This varies depending on the office provider – so speak to an advisor about your specific needs. Most providers will let you leave monitors (but at your own risk). Storage lockers are available in some buildings.

🖍 Can we book meeting rooms when we are there?

Yes, you can book your rooms directly with the operator of the building (sometimes for free or at a discounted rate).

🌎 What if I can’t find a location that I like?

Speak to an advisor and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll keep you informed as and when new locations are added.

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