A 1 minute read on why Hubble is IN for Europe

Varun Bhanot
Varun Bhanot|

At Hubble, we believe the EU has helped tech startups in London:

  • By giving access to the Single Market. This is vital for UK exporters. The EU is our biggest customer with the continent buying around half of what we sell to the rest of the world. 75% of UK startups that trade goods internationally do so with the European Union. As a result, 1,200 business leaders back remain. 
  • By the incoming investment opportunities. The EU is the biggest source of investment into the UK. It equates to around 48% of foreign direct investment into the UK. EU Investors have confidence in UK Startups and often offer a lifeline to startups who cannot obtain funding from UK based investors.
  • Digital Single Market. A complete Digital Single Market could boost EU GDP by over £300bn as recognised by Eric Schmidt, former Google boss. This involves tearing down regulatory walls and moving from 28 national digital markets to just a single one. This could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
  • Free trade Agreements. 64% of UK goods trade takes place with EU countries and with which the EU has free trade agreements already negotiated.

VOTE TO REMAIN in the European Union on 23rd June 2016.


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