5 Reasons Why Larger Businesses Choose Flexible Workspace

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Flexible workspace is an obvious choice for freelancers and startups: monthly rolling contracts mean they no longer need to commit to a space for extended periods of time. But they aren’t the only ones to have jumped on the (flexible) bandwagon. Adam, our Head of Customer Support, is what you’d call a ‘larger business connoisseur’ thanks to his time at Hootsuite. In this blog post, he tells us why flexible workspace is a popular choice with larger businesses too.

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#1 To land a cooler space that better suits the business

Working in a “cool” space (think sleeping pods, ping pong tables and rooftop running tracks) will obviously appeal to employees. And a happy employee = a happy life.

Flexible workspaces are also designed to complement different office cultures. “For example, when I was working at Hootsuite, we really really wanted to have enough space to fit the team of 80, but also wanted to mirror office culture at the company’s Vancouver headquarters. We found it so ridiculously hard to find a space that we went with a serviced office provider who got us an office in Victoria. It was, to this day, the worst, most soul destroying office I’ve ever worked in. If Hootsuite had access to flexible spaces, I’m sure we would have found something much more in line with what the Operations team was after.”

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#2 Hyper growth mode

“Back at Hootsuite, we welcomed over 10 new hires every week. We had to commit to a 2 year lease on any office space we wanted, but it would’ve been much more practical and strategic to have committed to a short term contract in order to upsize when needed.”

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#3 Brexit uncertainty

With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it makes sense that businesses are becoming commitment phobes and increasingly seeking shorter term contracts.  

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#4 For a “plug and play” solution

“Flexible workspaces tend to offer a ‘plug and play’ environment that allows for a much more seamless transition to the new office.” Companies don’t want to have to worry about putting desks together and setting up WiFi.

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#5 To deal with people who understand their business better

“Old-style office providers are suited for the old way of working and can be less in tune with the needs of businesses actually looking for space these days. Unnecessarily long back-and-forth communication can lead to frustrations and delays. Given that flexible office providers (like Hubble) have flexible offerings, we tend to know what businesses of all sizes are looking for and have a varied inventory.”

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