15 Private Office Spaces for Teams of 15 to 100

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When it comes to moving your office, the task of finding the right office to rent in London that suits your company can be a daunting one. Deciding where to begin is a task in itself. The list of considerations might feel like it stretches on forever: factors like price, location, size, and utilities all need are things to be accounted for. But searching doesn’t have to be hard. Today, thousands of office spaces are available for rent, so we’ve prepped a list of considerations for teams everywhere in London to help them find their new homes.

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Private Offices for 15 People

The Sandwich – Clothier Street

Location: Aldgate

The Sandwich - Clothier

Located in a five storey building in the heart of the London, this office to rent is perfect for a company of fifteen. With a floor full of meeting rooms and a roof terrace overlooking the Gherkin in London, this place is flexible and communal. Get 20% off the first three months of the office lease.

Private offices starting at £6,500/month.

WeWork – Shoreditch Mark Square

Location: Shoreditch

WeWork - Shoreditch Mark Square

For London coworking spaces, WeWork brings you a bright and airy aesthetic in a six floor building that aims to bring working spaces to modernity. With breakout spaces, 24 hour access, private meeting rooms, and coffee and snacks always nearby, this space is simultaneously professional and accessible.

Private offices containing sixteen desks starts at £11,600/month.

Shoreditch Design Studio

Location: Shoreditch

Shoreditch Design Studio

Private, accessible, and professional, this design studio is an office space for rent in London that provides a company with everything a modern team needs to succeed. Fully furnished and equipped with meeting rooms and a snack kitchen, this studio space can be completely rented out by a single company or desk-by-desk, depending on a company’s needs.

Full private office starts at £5,950/month.

Private Offices for 20 People

Airspace – Soho

Location: Soho

Airspace - Soho

Airspace Soho is a centrally located coworking space to rent that brings a sleek, hyper-modern design. Rented as a full office, it comes with complimentary wifi, free tea and coffee, and free black and white printing. Its brightly lit and breathable atmosphere is everything a team needs for productivity, professionalism, and success.

Private office containing 20 desks starts at £13,000/month.

Work.Life – Hammersmith

Location: Hammersmith

Work.Life - Hammersmith.jpg

For those looking for a workspace for the coming winter, Work.Life’s new office space for rent opens in January 18 and offers every essential for a working team in unlimited coffee, exclusively fast wifi, and access to professional meeting rooms. As an added plus, membership grants local discounts within the community and invitations to team-building activities such as yoga classes and beer & pizza nights.

630 sqft private office for a team of 20 starts at £12,870/month.

Central Working: White City

Location: White City

Central Working - White City.jpg

This flexible workspace is an office for rent situated conveniently close to the White City, Wood Lane, and Latimer Road stations. It contains a light and spacious aesthetic that combines relaxation with productivity. For anything from startup companies to fast-growth companies, this space is the perfect spot to expand a company into its future.

Private office containing 19 desks starts at £8,531/month.

Private Offices for 25 People

Finsbury Circus

Location: Borough

Finsbury circus.jpg

Located in the heart of London’s business hub, this office to rent has gotten a new and improved redecoration that has upgraded its status to hyper-modernity. Containing media, technology, and professional service businesses, this location is perfect for like-minded companies wishing to network. As an added bonus, the building is located close to some of London’s best in bars and restaurants.

Private office containing 25 desks starts at £15,114/month.

Private Offices for 50 People

Great Suffolk Street

Location: Borough

Great Suffolk Street

Opening January 2018, this office to rent in London sits inside a 9,000 square foot space. Flexible and affordable, companies can rent our massive private offices to fit the largest teams. Conveniently located just two minutes away from the tube, this space is perfect for companies with many people or those looking to expand.

Up to 50 desks priced at £16,800/month.

Second Home – Spitalfields

Location: Shoreditch

Second Home - Spitalfields.png

For teams who want to be part of a creative community, Second Home Spitalfields is located in the heart of East London’s technology and creative centre. It’s unique, plant-based aesthetic works to fuel a team’s creativity and combined with a weekly wellness programme and an in-house restaurant, joining this Second Home means that a company is always part of a community.

Private office containing 58 desks priced at £29,000/month.

Paper Plane Studios

Location: Farringdon and Clerkenwell

Paper Plane Studios.jpg

Recently refurbished to create a sleek and modern look, this breathtaking office is bright and airy, perfect for a large team to feel right at home when they work. With meeting rooms, kitchens, showers, and an outside break area, this office space in London is welcoming and professional with plenty of space for company growth.

Full private office starts at £30,000/month.

Private Offices for 75 People

Boutique Workplace – Clerkenwell Road

Location: Clerkenwell

Boutique Workplace.jpg

Cool, creative, and serviced, Boutique Workplace is a high-end office space in London that welcomes all in the design industry. It contains a luxurious communal space, a roof terrace, and a bar and games room so that work can come at the same time as play. Meant for large London teams, this space is perfect for expanding teams that want to work with the best in the industry.

Private offices for 65 people at £39,000/month (smaller offices also available).

TOG – Eastbourne Terrace

Location: Paddington


For an office space that combines professionalism with style and features, TOG brings brightly furnished workspaces designed in scandi-inspired Sky Garden aesthetics. Light, roomy, and comfortable, TOG’s office space is perfect for large teams that are still looking to expand.

Private office containing 90 desks starts at £69,750/month.

Private Offices for 100 People

UNCOMMON – Highbury & Islington

Location: Highbury & Islington


As next-door neighbours to Highbury Field, this office space in London is meant for the largest of teams. It’s calm yet creative, supporting a team in their endeavours, their productivity, and their work habits. With a breakout space, 24 hour access, and a kitchen for snacks, UNCOMMON is a space for growth. As an added bonus, pets are allowed too, allowing a team to feel right at home even as they work.

Private office space for 100 starts at £45,000/month.


Location: Angel


Located within a tech campus, RocketSpace creates exclusive coworking spaces in London that’s perfect for post-seeded tech startup companies. There’s weekly tech workshops, AV equipped conference rooms, and unlimited printing. It isn’t all work, either, as the coworking space contains an onsite cafe, bar, and relaxation rooms.

Private office containing 115 desks starts at £86,250/month.

Dawson House

Location: Aldgate

Dawson House.jpg

Every team needs a place to feel like they can grow, and at Dawson house, the inspiring and nurturing aesthetic brings an atmosphere that is simultaneously professional and homey. Located conveniently close to transportation links such as the Aldgate tube station, this office space is perfect for the large London team.

5,500 sqft private office starts at £65,000/month.

Choosing a suitable office space can feel like a daunting one, but with access to the online platform created by Hubble, finding the largest and most exclusive office spaces in London becomes accessible, smooth, and professional. The right office space works wonders for breeding a team that is successful, motivated, and productive, and finding that space is easier than ever.

Discover thousands of unique office spaces in London.

Tips for Choosing an Office Space

Determine how much space you need

When looking for private office space in London, every company needs to consider their immediate space needs to prevent avoidable fees for space that they don’t require. Simultaneously, considerations should be made for potential company growth throughout the term of the lease. While putting together lists of potential options, keep an eye out for how the company is growing and make the proper estimations so that the new space can accommodate new hires.

Keep the location within access

When considering London offices, it’s crucial to make sure that the space is still within easy access of key company employees. A long or expensive commute can push them to seek employment elsewhere. Similarly, depending on the nature of the company, the accessibility for clients is also a consideration. Keeping it within commercial districts might make for more expensive rent, but attract more clients. Suburban locations offer lower rental fees, but at the risk of lower client traffic.

Office aesthetics and utilities

We’ve talked about how the right office can afford better productivity. Nowadays, the best office spaces come with great amenities and unique aesthetics. Spaces to relax, unwind, and meet can do wonders not only for employees, but also for clients that come to the office in person.

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