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Anticafé - Louvre



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You can't miss us! Anticafé Louvre is easily visible from the street.

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9:00am - 7:00pm


Launched in 2013, Anticafé was born from an observation: work is more and more nomadic but human relations are weakening. Anticafé's mission is to be an ultra-flexible place, perfectly suited to working alone or in a team, while promoting discussion, meetings and community.

The Louvre district - Cosmopolitan with all the visitors to the museum from all over the world, but all the same a little pompous with the Comédie Française and the Opera… It's not easy to find a cozy, quiet and accessible place to work and relax. This is why we settled in the heart of this district, to offer you a suitable solution by offering you a warm place as we know how to do it.

The coworking area at Antícafe has tables and chairs set up in a cafe-style environment.