Zebra Fuel x HubbleHQ: Finding a Perfect First Office to Grow In

Grace Chen
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We spoke to Saloni, Head of Growth at Zebra Fuel about the importance of finding a great space at a convenient location for a startup’s first office.


About Zebra Fuel

Zebra Fuel is a digital petrol station that delivers fuel directly to vehicles in London. Zebra aims to leverage its proprietary app and high-end logistics software to optimise fuel delivery and change the way people fill up their cars. It aims to eliminate the inner-city gas station by delivering fuel directly to vehicles. Founded in 2016, Zebra Fuel is attempting to bring the convenience of on-demand delivery to refuelling cars. Via the startup’s smartphone app, users can book a time-slot to have one of Zebra Fuel’s mini-vans and trained personnel come to their location to dispense fuel to their vehicle.

To learn more, visit Zebra Fuel.


Can you tell me a bit more about Zebra Fuel? What is it that you do and what is your vision for the company?

Saloni: Zebra Fuel is an app-based startup for scheduled fuel deliveries in London. We live in a convenience-driven economy – everything can be delivered so why not fuel? Our mission is to introduce a new customer behaviour and make it so that no person or business ever has to go to a petrol station again. Petrol stations are shutting down in central London – there are fewer stations and it’s becoming more of an effort and detour for people to fill up. With Zebra, we can bring the fuel to our customers while competing on price.

Our customers can schedule a fuel delivery on our app, our driver comes to fill up their cars in about a minute and a half, and as they leave, our customers get a notification via text that they have been refuelled. We think of ourselves as a cross between a brick and mortar and technology business, as we operate as an app but have a physical product and own our fuel vans, which are operated by full-time drivers.


How are you and your team liking your office and neighbourhood? Why did you choose to set up in Parsons Green?

Saloni: We recently closed our seed funding round with a lot of angel investors. A lot of upfront capital was needed given our business model, and there was a high barrier to entry in the market. Our two co-founders first worked out of their apartment until we grew big enough for our own office.

One of our investors is LocalGlobe VC. They suggested that we look for our first office space through HubbleHQ and so we did, to get our growing team out of our founders’ apartments. We picked Parsons Green because we were looking for a space that was close to our van depot. The space we picked was great in terms of location and price.

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What did you like about the HubbleHQ experience?

Saloni: The process took about one week from start to finish, which was amazing. I really don’t think it gets better than HubbleHQ when it comes to finding and booking office space.

What’s next for Zebra Fuel?

Saloni: We’re growing fast, and that means we need more space and flexible contracts. We’re going to let the guys over at HubbleHQ find us our next HQ!

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