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The Wizards of Ops: Book of Spells [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Lucy O'Connor
Lucy O'Connor|

At HubbleHQ, we regularly work with office and operations managers, and—quite frankly—we’re in awe of your ability to bring office magic to life.

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From organising team events and reviewing performances to keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly, nothing seems to fall outside your remit.

But, all too often, Wizards of Ops end up being the unsung heroes of the office, rarely getting the recognition they deserve. So, to show our appreciation, we’ve put together the Wizards of Ops “Book of Spells”—a free eBook dedicated to those in operations roles, designed to help make your career in ops that little bit easier. 

What’s inside this Magic Book of Spells…?

  • Tools to help you do 1,000 things at once
  • The best Slack integrations to optimise processes
  • Tips on how to improve your office culture
  • The Ultimate Office Move Checklist
  • Ideas for top-notch company socials
  • Our top podcast recommendations

and much, much more!


Looking for more ways to op-timise?

Join our Wizards of Ops communities on LinkedIn and Slack to find valuable information related to your BizOps role, learn about relevant events and meet-ups, and be able to ask career-related questions to like-minded wizards!

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